Digital Brand Marketing

Digital Brand Marketing; How to use technology to anticipate and exceed customer’s expectations and increase sales, is a book that introduces its reader to the concepts of brand development and how a business connects with the perfect target market, what to do to promote loyalty, and how to effectively utilize technology to check marketing and sales challenges.

This book explains, with vivid scenarios, the idea of Digital Branding, Terms you must know in Digital Marketing, the idea of Value Proposition, Customer Profiling, Brand Reward Systems, Websites Goals and Objectives, Conversion Funnels, Search Engine Optimization and Marketing and how to make search engines work for you, Content Marketing, Email Marketing and Automation, Social Media Marketing, and Business Analytics.
Also included is a link to a live page that contains Valuable Links for Business Growth and Sales Hacking.

Ideas are Cheap but Marketing is Hard

How 3 little kids taught me 5 lessons about Marketing and Ideas

I was walking towards the gate last week Friday, after attending a boring event at the University Conference Centre.  I was thinking about the uninspiring scenery when I noticed 3 kids playing at the walk-way towards the end of the garden. 2 girls and a boy, the boy was much younger than the girls. One of the girls held up a bottle of Bigi apple, but inside it was a clear liquid which I believe was definitely water. She was swearing to the boy that it’s Pepsi, her friend (the other girl) also affirms it, but the boy kept on shouting “Iro ni” (It’s a lie!). I couldn’t resist the urge to engage the kids, considering the fact that I was actively looking for a way to exhale the boring memories of the event I just left.

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Start Your Own Business – Achieve FREEDOM and Flexibility, with Anna Lundberg

Start Your Own Business – Charles Adetola with Anna Lundberg

Watch my Conversation with Anna Lundberg, Founder of ONE STEP OUTSIDE on July 2019’s Episode of #ValueDigest.

Theme: Start your Business and achieve Freedom, Flexibility, and Fulfilment.

Duration: 09:57

The 6 Most Import Factors to Consider when creating a website for Your Brand

FActors to consider when creating a website

The GAME of Digital Marketing

The GAME is a Digital Marketing formula that helps you focus on what really matters in Digital Marketing.  Digital marketing is not about the tech, it is about the psychology behind its application. A lot of Newbie Digital Marketers focus on the tech aspect of the marketing, I always try to make them understand that tech is just the tool, the real marketing is the psychology behind your Digital Marketing strategies.

The GAME of Digital Marketing – Charles Adetola

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