We are all Addicted to "something"

Charles Adetola is addicted to thinking differently, creating innovative solutions, and designing sustainable enterprise designs for brands.

Charles Adetola

Brand Marketer/Consultant

Who is Charles Adetola?

Charles Adetola is the Author of Digital Brand Marketing, a book on How to use technology to articulate and exceed customer expectations, and increase sales. He is a Digital Marketing Specialist with more than 7 years of practical experience in developing and implementing digital marketing strategies for corporate and personal brands.

He is a Cerebral Speaker, and an expert in Design ThinkingSustainable Business Thinking, content creation and marketing…   

The Four (4) Locus of Charles Adetola


Business is about People. Entrepreneurs must learn to empathize with their target audience if "The People" must patronize their idea.


We are Digital Natives. A generation of people that acts, reacts, interacts with life via Technology.


Creativity is Infinite. We must Inspire the World with innovative Ideas and Unique designs, and solve Challenges with Style.


Sustainable Business Thinking (SBT) should be the heart of enterprise design. It is the secret to brand immortality.

What People are Saying About Charles

Charles has a brilliant mindset, his approach towards problem solving are very efficient and also incredible.
Charles is an innovative youth who is passionate about creating digital media solutions for local businesses and social enterprises in order to improve their services and enable them access wider markets.
In over 2 decades of my relationship with Charles, he has proven to be a creative genius who crystallizes his bright ideas into valuable products. He is particularly a m aster curator of content and programs. Above all, he is jovial and easy to work with.



Discover How to use #Technology to articulate and exceed customer expectations, and increase #sales.