20 Powerful Hacks to Elevate Your Game in 2020

20 Hacks to Elevate Your Game in 2020, an Article that will Change Your Life for Better and Position You for Strategic Leadership. #MustRead
20 Hacks to Elevate Your Game in 2020, an Article that will Change Your Life for Better and Position You for Strategic Leadership. #MustRead

1. Be Intentional about Your Focus

It’s enough to be focused on your objective, that’s fine, it’s another thing to be intentional about getting what you want, that’s awesome, but it’s a totally different ballgame to be intentional about what you focus on. 

This year is not about being average, if it were, being focus will do just fine. But this year is about elevating your game, upping your prowess, topping the league, and this doesn’t come easy, in fact it requires more than being focus. It requires a lot of intention on what you choose to focus on.

It’s easy for any ambitious individual to focus on something (even if it’s the wrong thing), it takes an extraordinary individual to be intentional about what they focus on. Being intentional about your focus means you’re determined to focus on the right focus points of your life. 

This reminds me of a catch phrase by Lanre Olusola the Catalyst, “focus on your focus!“. 

2. Build Strategic Alliances 

Just like it’s not enough to focus but be intentional about your focus, it is not enough to build alliance, you need to build strategic alliances, for the year is about elevating your game. There should be that element of elevated approach to the things you do, in building alliances, the extra effort you need to elevate your game is to be strategic. 

Being strategic about the alliances you build means you know the when and where the alliance you’ve built will be needed, you know the how of the particular roles they will be playing in your project, and you know  why that particular contact is the right alliance for you despite the availability of others.

Being strategic about the alliance you will be building in 2020 means you have to see beyond the usual, you have to see potentials and not the fine faces or the nice suits/gowns, it means you connect with doers and changemakers, and you build relationships that aligns with your passion and objectives for short, mid,  and long term purpose. 

3. Maintain Proper Accounting Procedures

To maintain an accounting procedure means you’re accountable and you’ve already developed a procedure, maybe you did that last year (If not, let’s assume you’ll stop reading and do that before you continue), that’s a good start-off point. 

This year is not about being accountable or developing an accounting procedure. You’re a leader (I believe you are), every leader knows accountability is a prerequisite for Leadership. 

What will truly elevate your game in 2020 is to ensure your accountability procedure is proper, and above all, you maintain it even when complacency, stress, and anxiety sets in. 

For your accounting procedure to be proper, you must set key measures that are relative to your goals. And maintaining it will be the tenacity test you must always check. This is a vital key! 

For a quick recap: Build accounting procedure for your goal, make sure it’s proper in regards to your objectives, and ensure you keep to it at all times. 

4. Build a Team that Compliments you

If we must be sincere, rational, and realistic at the same time you’ll agree with me that we all have an Ego. We want to feel important in some ways, even if it means trying not to feel important, it’s still a way of asserting a unique difference, a subtle form of importance. 

As a student of psychology, and with my rigorous study of the Laws of Human Nature by Robert Green over the past few weeks, I can tell you for free that no human willingly wants to feel inferior in any regards, especially in a team you built. 

You must beg your Ego to step aside this year, there are areas where you need to invest all your Ego, but not when it comes to team building. 

You must totally exempt your ego when making decisions about who to get on your team. 

Here’s the secret. To elevate your game in 2020 you must build a team that compliments you, a team of people that are better skilled than you in areas where you are lacking. 

Isn’t it a well established fact that pride goes before a fall? 

Don’t let your ego be that factor holding you down. 

Build a team that can get the job done instead of trying to feel like the boss. 

5. Set up a Seamless Channel of Communication

Communication and feedback is what makes us social beings. Don’t be tempted to undermine the essence of communication in your personal and corporate relationships. 

I belive you know that already, it’s not new, so what’s the element that takes you from where you are now to the next level, the element that is needed in your Communication to elevate your game in 2020. That element is called ‘seamlessness‘.

If you’ve ever felt like reading someone’s mind, that’s the level of communication you can get with seamlessness. Seamless communication brings speed of execution to your projects as well as clarity. 

To build a seamless channel of communication means you have developed a communication channel where all barer that may lead to confusion or interpersonal complex is eliminated. 

Build a system of communication where the back and forth of every message sent by the sender is well received by the receiver without stress. 

6. Don’t Forget to have a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

You don’t have a deal until it’s documented and signed. Please, Remember this

I understand there are times we feel all trusting about people, we expect every human to be true to their words and keep to their end of the bargain, only to realize we’ve been used and there’s nothing we can do about it because there’s no legal binding or concrete agreement between the parties. Welcome to my world! 

Be cautious of what you get yourself into, some deals might promise to elevate your game but in the end you’ll find yourself far below your game.

I’ve been a victim of this on some occasions, the first was for a job I did for 16 months without pay, in the end I had no say because I wasn’t even offered a letter of employment in the first place (na so I work for free for about 2 years, no single kobo). That’s why I take agreements seriously this days. Some clients or employer might say all sort and come up with some interesting excuses about why your letter of appointment is delaying, please be wise and stay clear till you have a legal agreement to work with them. 

In the same light, always make sure you have a memorandum of understanding when going into a partnership or any sort of corporate agreement. 

Ask me about my other experiences later. 🤫

7. Abolish Stagnation and Complacency 

We all get to that point where it seems like things ain’t flowing, we’re tired, or not, but we feel we’ve done enough, we deserve some accolades, a little rest, that feeling of I’ve done enough for now. 

That’s the feeling that kills the gunius within us, complacency hinders our growth by ensuring we stay within our comfort zone, It makes us fear stress and rationalize our fears as a need for a break, a break most people never resume from. 

Pardon my English, my point is, if you must elevate your game in 2020 you need to keep pushing even when you feel you’re at the top, when you feel you deserve some break from the stress, you must build that tenacity to go on, you must be hungry for more, you most keep pushing to discover what next. In doing that you’ll realize there’s an upward and forward motion in your life.

PS: Success is journey not a destination.

8. Know Your Weaknesses

We all have our weaknesses and that’s absolutely perfect. The imperfect thing we often do as humans is to deny our weakness when infact our weakness is what makes us unique. 

This article is not about how to translate your weakness into strength (I’ll talk about that someday). It is about how to elevate your game in 2020, and the keypoint here is to know your weakness. 

To know your weakness is like doing a SWOT analysis on yourself, you know your strengths, and highlight where you may come short and work towards making sure your weakness doesn’t let you down. 

Knowing your weakness keeps you on guard. As much as you are set to elevate your game, you must know the factors that posses as a treat (weakness). That way you can leverage on your strong points to elevate your game. 

For instace, If you’re prone to shopping when angry please don’t handle the company finances or be incharge of the Debit/credit card.  Lol 😄

9. See Through the Eyes of Legends 

Science says the earth is about 15billion years old. Yet, we are struggling to amass enough information about our immediate environment. 

I often tell my Cliq Members, learning is the most reliable GrowthHack I know. You’re here, reading this article because you’re looking for hacks to elevate your game in 2020. 

To see through the eyes of legends means to learn from the experience of great men that have gone ahead in the areas that interests us.
If you want to learn about Politics in Africa, read biographies of past presidents and books authored by them and reputable political analysts. Also, if you want to learn about business, read books and attend events where your ideal business icons will be facilitating. 

I attended Elevate your Game 2020 conference because I want to learn from the facilitators and see through their eyes. I know they will be there to share their experience, which will be like a map to help me sail and navigate safely if I must overcome the same obstacles they encountered. 

Please, learn and learn to see through the eyes of the great men and women you adore. It will save you a lot of stress and avoidable headaches on your way up to success. 

10. You Don’t Have to See the Whole Picture

Although, I’m an advocate of starting from the end, having the end picture in mind, then plan a strategy to achieve it. Which is quite different from having the whole picture in mind. 

We often spend too much time trying to anticipate what every twist and turns in our plan would be like, it’s a good approach to anticipate potential delays and work on avoiding it, but most often we make our preparation for anticipation become the delay we are trying to avoid. Hence, we never get started when we should.

To elevate your game in 2020 you must borrow the Nike slogan “Just do it”. Have a picture of what the end would be like, but don’t waste time trying to have the whole picture. 

11. Credibility: Let Your Deeds Speak for You 

To elevate your game in 2020 means you need to start doing things like how stars do. Yes, stars are people like you at the peak of their career, they have credibility and a track record that speaks for them. 

This is the year to be a star by working the work and letting the work speak for you. 

People want to associate with achievers and doers not talkers. People want to relate with people that can get the job done, not people that can talk about how they will get the job done.
People are more confident to give their hard earned money to people who have achieved proven success in getting things done. So, do like stars do – build credibility, get to work and let your work speak for you. 

12. Brand Yourself

You need to become the product because people buy people. Yes! That wasn’t an error, people buy people. Before anyone will buy from you, they must first buy into your values – they must believe in you.

This is why you must embody and be the representation of the values of your organization or company. If the core values of your organization is Integrity and creativity, ask yourself, am I a person of integrity? How have I demonstrated Integrity in my actions? Also try to identify how your actions and communication has expressed the creativity people will experience when they relate with your company. 

There are many ways to brand yourself. Lately, personal branding  has been a growing topic in the leadership sector, the need for professionals and leaders to build and invest in their personal brand is becoming a prerequisite. 

Building a personal brand enhances your Influence and authority, and help you control how people perceive you. 

Need a quick training on personal branding? Click here and Elevate your game. 

13. Your Story is Important, Share ’em 

History is related to us in stories, the achievement of great men and women before us is as a result of what people know and documented about them. 

In the world of today, the task of what is written or will be said about us is up to us, what we share, the experiences and memories we create with people. 

Every hero has a story, if you don’t share your story no one will know. 

Sharing your story might just be that next step you need to take to elevate your game in 2020. This doesn’t mean airing everything about your personal  life, it’s about letting your circle of friends and contacts Know of your passion and the purpose driven actions you’re taking to make your life and the world a better place. 

14. Work on Your Self-esteem

Some of us find ourselves in environments and situations that make us cower and think less of who we are, but the situations we live in doesn’t have to live In us. 

You must learn to conquer your own limiting beliefs, raise your head up high, build your confidence from within, and against all odds, stand firm and have a strong resolve to reach for the sky. 

Like the saying goes if you believe you can, you’re right, and If you believe you can’t, you’re also right. It’s all about aligning your self esteem with a perfect picture of who you want to be. 

Before you can truly elevate your game in 2020, you must elevate your self esteem to meet up with the demands and challenges. 

PS: You may fail, and it’s okay because it’s part of the process. But don’t let the failure feed on your self esteem, let it be the fuel that’ll keep your fire burning

15. Niche Your Message 

Every brand has a message, every project has a message, your life. – passion and Purpose is a message. But not all messages is for everyone. 

Nike’s message is for winners. Rolex’s message is for achievers. You can’t present the same message to the whole world, Identify who your message is meant for. 

If you’re concerned about children’s health and wellness, your message must appeal to the parents and custodians of the children, if you’re concerned about mental health and suiside you must carve your message to appeal to people going through adversities and victims of trauma. 

So also, if you’re an entrepreneur, your brand must articulate a message that appeals to you ideal target audience. 

This article is titled 20 Hacks to Elevate your Game in 2020 because I want it to appeal to the game shakers and game changers who are geared up to elevate their game this year 2020.

Think about your message, be intentional about what you communicate. 

16. Capacity Triumphs Title 

Take a deep breath here. Let’s look around us, we can see many graduates from high-ranking institutions who have certificates showing they studied business administration, yet they don’t know what “break-even and equity” means (I mean it). 

My point here is “don’t fool yourself” this year, if you have a certification that you can’t backup with validity, and you know it’s essential that you have that title in your profile, please go back to the basics of such contents and master it. 

I’ve reviews CVs from people stating all sorts of high flying professionalism but to no practical avails. 

Elevate your Game, let your titles indeed be a reflection of your capacity. People want to work with you because of your capacity to deliver and not the titles you hold. 

17. Do a Self-audit

This is something I do every January before my birthday. I reflect on how the past year has been, pick the lessons to learn from my failures, the moments to relive, and the new opportunities to create in the year starting.

For you, self auditing could go deeper than that. But all the same it’s important that you know where you stand and the potentials you have before forging into uncertainty. Yes, to elevate your game is to journey into uncertainty because you don’t know the certainty of your endeavors.

Doing a self audit keeps you in the know of your Strengths, Weaknesses, Possible Threats and opportunities. 

18. Stop Asking for Permission

Go get it! Don’t seek approval from people before you set out to achieve your dreams. Your the conceiver of your ideas, no one else can see it the way you see it. 

Often times when we have great ideas we relate it with friends and close contacts to seek their validation. If they feel it’s okay, we start planning, if they feel it’s not, we discard it. 

That narrative must change to elevate your game this year, imagine if MarkZukerburg had to ask his school directors if it’s okay to proceed with developing Facebook, or if Oga Elun had to seek permission from car owners, the electric company, etc before executing his plan for the electric cars… the truth is no great invention or idea will come to life if permission must be seeked. 

Sometimes, asking for permission is a way of looking for an excuse to kill your dreams.

This year is the year to take up your ideas and run with it, seek no permission, deligently analyze your ideas and plan your executing strategy, and just do it.  

19. Get a Mentor

The importance and impact of a mentor cannot be over-emphasized. I talked about seeing through the eyes of Giants earlier, having a mentor is like standing on the shoulders of Giants – you can see what they see as they carry you along on their journey. What better way to elevate your game than that!

Your mentors doesn’t have to be a sage or someone with white hair (I don’t mean Wole Soyinka). Your mentor is someone who is more vast and more experience is the field you wish to tread. 

I have people I mentor when it comes to Digital Brand Marketing, some of they are older than me, most of them are richer, well exposed and well traveled, but when it comes to the field of digital marketing and brand management they know they’ll get the best advise from me

Likewise, I have mentors that guides me in other areas of my interest. Some of them I’ve met in person, some I’ve met through their books, and a few via email.

20. Invest in Yourself

This is where a lot of youths and leaders falter. Many would rather buy a wristwatch of 25,000 than pay 3,000 for a book, or 10,000 to attend a conference.  

This is a very sad narrative. The best investment any man can do is an investment in self. Spend money to acquire knowledge, invest in your mind, pay for workshops and seminars. This are the investment that makes sense in the long term, throughout your lifetime. 

Although, investment is not always about Money, another key factor here is time. How much of your time do you dedicate to learning something new and valuable, how much time do you dedicate to reading? 

I spent 3 days writing this article, how many youths can dedicate 10mins to read it through and own the lessons therein. 

If you did read this article from the beginning to this point, Congratulations! You’ve Elevated your Game

Appreciation – Elevate Your Game 2020 Connect

A Big fat thanks to Emanuel Michael, Josephine Nzerem, Segun Abiona , Edirin Edewor, and Oyindamola Johnson , your participation and contribution at the Elevate Your Game Conference 2020 (#EYGFutureNow) was a valuable resource to this article.

Also, to Mercy Okeke, Edusa Doxa, John Omoaka, Tracy Yekaghe, Loveth Omotola, Kemi Lawal, Samuel Evbayiro, Wisdom Donald, Ife Agboola, Ngozi Ordu, and Joy Egwuenu.

Thank you for joining my Cliq, I look forward to an Elevated You in 2020.

Thank You for Reading.

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