3 Easy Fix for Elementor Form and WordPress Email Server Errors

I won't be discussing the complex solutions. Just the 3 easy solutions to your WordPress, Elementor Forms, and Server Errors

“This is caused by your email account misidentifying your contact form submissions as spam.” That’s what Frank Olivo said.

While I was working to find the easiest solutions to this challenge, I came across a lot of options that seem too technical to easily comprehend and apply by anyone without programming skills.

So you don’t have to stress. I got your spine.

I won’t be discussing the complex solutions.

Just the 3 simplest solutions to your WordPress, Elementor Forms, and Server Errors.

Installing an SMTP Plugin

My number one easy fix for this is to install an SMTP Plugin. That’s what solved the problem for me.

An SMTP plugin will address this by routing your contact form submissions through an email server that you designate instead of the server hosting your website.

WP Mail SMTP by WPForms

I found out this fixes the issue 100% of the time.

I’ll also advise you to use chrome. You might run into some errors if you use firefox.

If you run into any issues with getting the SMTP plugin to work, you can chat me up for paid assistance.

My second easy recommendation

Move the Site to a Better Hosting Service Provider

Sometimes, the reason you’re not getting your form submissions is that your email doesn’t trust the server sending the submission. Spammers tend to use bottom-of-the-barrel hosting, so there’s an increased chance that you’re sharing an IP address with a spammer if you’re on cheap shared hosting.

You can check if your IP address is on a blacklist at https://tools.dnsstuff.com

Experts have discovered that “contact form delivery is a very common issue with Godaddy and Bluehost hosting”

I believe my hosting provider must be damn good because I was able to fix the error easily with the plugin.

If it seems you’re still having the error after installing the SMTP plugin, I’ll advise you to migrate to Whogohost or Interserve.

In addition to fixing the contact form delivery problems, you’ll end up with far more reliable and faster hosting.

My third easy option is for Elementor user only.

If you’re not part of the Elementor community yet, You’re missing out on opportunities to build amazing and outstanding websites. (Like Mine HERE)

Install Elementor Contact Form DB

Elementor Contact Form DB

Install the plugin to check if Elementor is sending emails or not. Although this is a 3rd party plugin, it should work well for storing the form submissions to the database.

After installation and activation of the plugin, send a form and go to the plugin’s dashboard to see if the form registered the submissions inside the database.

Have I been able to help you discover something of value?

The comments section is all yours. I’ll love to know which of the 3 options you’ll prefer or if there’s a particular one that works for you.

Have a productive day,

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