3 Facts every Business Owner should know about Instagram in 2019

3 Facts every business owner should know about Instagram in 2019. Instagram, a social media platform now owned by Facebook is a leading platform for many business owners and entrepreneurs.

As we’ve all come to realize, Social media, including Instagram, is here to stay and for generations to come; it will only keep improving its technology, approach, and offers for users (you, and I). Also, the need for more people to leverage on this technology to promote their business and enterprise is in high demand as they have to flow with the trend and be present where most of their customers are (on social media).

Instagram, a social media platform now owned by Facebook is a leading platform for many business owners and entrepreneurs.

Charles Adetola – Instagram 3 facts for business Owners
Charles Adetola – Instagram 3 facts for business Owners

 Here are 3 facts you should know about setting up your business on Instagram.  

1. 65% of your customers are influenced by what they see.

According to psychology, 65% of the world population are visual thinkers, 17% are influenced by what they hear, while the remaining 13% are influenced by what they smell, taste or feel. Instagram is an audio-visual platform, it promises to influence more than 70% of your customers.

Cue: With great Images and Great Videos that commands your audience interest, you are on your way to success.

2. Business is About People – Instagram is about People

Have you ever wondered how the Instagram algorithm works to arrange how posts are displayed to you? It’s based on your engagement and interactions with people – you see more of the posts and profiles you interact with. It could be commenting on their post, communications via DM, Likes, and story views.  This is why it is best for businesses to interact more with their customers on Instagram, follow and engage with relevant profiles in your business sectors and field of specialty.

Instagram works by assuming you’re in a relationship with people you engage with more and hence, gives them more of you (and relevant contents related to them).

Cue: Even as a business, the relationship is give ‘n’ take. Be willing to exchange ‘Hi’ and ‘Hello’ once in a while, make your customers realize there’s a human-like them behind the business.

3. The Instagram checkout is a big deal for your Business

On March 19, 2019, Instagram announced a new feature called checkout. With this feature, your customers (followers) can purchase a product directly from you without leaving the App. All you have to do is post the image of a product and decide if you want your customers to be able to add it to cart and pay for it just by clicking the checkout button. Of course you must have set up your account for this, instagram will notify you of the order and you can automate your delivery depending on your preference.

Although check is not currently available in all countries. It is an innovative feature that will change the way instagram is being used and satisfy a lot of businesses and their customers.

Cue: Anticipate the Instagram check-out feature in your country and start imagining how many sales you could be making from your post.

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