4 Business Strategies I learned from Our Pastors

4 business strategies that pastors use to raise funds and expand rapidly. How you can use it to scale up your business, promote sales, and run effective marketing. 

Every pastor is a shrewd business strategist. Some will gracefully admit this fact, some will feel too humble or too narcissistic to admit, and some will outrightly tell you that the church cannot be likened to a business entity in any way. But, It’s all part of the business strategies.

I have carefully (perhaps not) observed how the church operates and have identified 4 strategies the church uses that entrepreneurs and business owners can apply to their enterprise to rapidly raise funds, run effective marketing, and scale-up. 

4 business strategies that pastors use to raise funds and expand rapidly. How you can use it to scale up your business, promote sales, and run effective marketing. 

1. The economy of Scale and Superordinate Goals.

Let me explain these 2 terms in my own words so that we can both be on the same page. 

The first term is the economy of Scale: Economy of Scale is a phenomenon whereby the cost of something becomes lesser because the input is multiplied. 

Here’s a relative example, if the pastor (or the church) needs a million naira. It’s easier to get 500 devoted followers to pay 200 naira each, than for one or two church heads to come up with that money.

The second term here is superordinate goals. It’s a phenomenon whereby 2 or more unrelated or non-cooperative group comes together to set aside their differences for the sake of achieving one goal that they believe will benefit them all personally. 

A relative example for this is the working together of the technical team, the choir, and the ushers dancing and collecting money, to create an ecstatic experience for the congregation in other for them to be motivated and entertained for the greater good.

The Business Strategy (1)

Your superordinate goal is the objective of the business you’re managing (often sales). 

Getting more people to contribute to this goal, drilling multiple streams of income in your business models and leveraging on digital technology to promote and expand your market reach is an act of putting the economy of Scale to work. 

You can leverage on the economy of Scale and Superordinate goal principle to unite your team and increase productivity.

2. Activities and Programs Keep Income stream running.

I don’t mean to be cynical, sincerely, let’s be analytical. If the church opens on Sundays alone it means people only pay tithes and offerings once in a week and that’s not good for the growth of the establishment. 

Money is the oil that keeps it running effectively, the more money we can get the better. That’s why there’s always a 7days prophetic night somewhere, a 3days fasting and prayer revival here and Oh father! Anoint my head vigil there, and many more interesting church programs with even more interesting themes like my enemies must die!, bet9ja must pay me, bring me my destiny now!, No more snakes in my dream…. 

The Business Strategy (2)

Your business thrives on activities (business operations) and gets sales via activities (marketing). 

More activities mean more results. Activities here can be translated to mean many things, which are all valid when you consider them in terms of business success, as an apprentice more practice means more mastery. As a shoemaker, the more shoes you make the more shoes you have to sell. 

Your business activities make people notice you, it is how you get into people’s minds. 

Think, MTN organizes project fame, Coca-Cola has coke studio, Cowbell has Cowbellpedia, and many more other brands we can relate with on all levels (local to global) has one program or the other that ensure they are actively engaging the customers.

It’s time you need to either improve on the operational activities that make more sense to your business or come up with strategic programs that consistently engage your customers. 

3. New Customers are Special, a good experience will convert them to loyal brand evangelists. This builds a sustainable referral system for the business. 

If you’ve never been a “first-timer” at a church you’re missing out. In some churches you’ll get as much as 5,000 for transportation, just to appreciate you for coming. 

Here’s the trick: the church woos the new visitor with delightful gifts, make them feel special, and create a warm atmosphere that the new visitor wants to experience again. 

Once you become a full-time member you have to pay for all the niceties you once enjoyed, you are saddled with the responsibility of seeking for new customers, enticing them to church, and eventually they also get to become like you – looking for someone else to invite to come and experience the “first-timer treatment”. That’s how the church keeps growing.

The Business Strategy (3)

Your new customers are your best customers. You need to wow them with a pleasant experience, create a feeling they would want to experience again and again. 

It doesn’t stop there, you need to turn them into brand ambassadors and evangelists – let them be the one to do the marketing work for you. 

They know what it’s like, the pleasant experience they get by connecting with your business, so it’s easy to tell the tales and invite more people (friends and family) to also become your customers. And the cycle goes on and on and on. 

A typical example of how this system works is the multi-level marketing system (MLM). Companies like longrich, Alliance in Motion (AIM), and many other businesses. 

Don’t just think about it. Start thinking of your business in this light. How to acquire new customers and retain existing ones at the same time, and keep both parties loyal to your brand/business.

Need a system like this?

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4. There are only 2 types of people, the ones that patronize us and the ones that don’t know what’s best for them yet.

Wait! This is a bit tricky, it has to do with mindset.

The pastor tells you that you are the believers and the man outside the church walls that don’t fellowship with you every Sunday and attend special church activities and Programs is an unbeliever. The unbelievers don’t know what’s good and lawful even for their own wellbeing, they are destined for doom. But you, the believer is safe, you know and have all moral and spiritual rights, you know what’s best for your soul. 

The Business Strategy (4)

Every great brand has successfully attached a feeling to its product/service, and any other feeling that is not or probably opposes that which they’ve anchored to the product is unworthy and less in quality. 

Nike is associated with winning, every sportsman’s putting on the product is possessed by that feeling. 

Apple is anchored with the feeling of Superiority, that’s why we all want to buy a Mac or an iPhone, we want that feeling, and we’ve been subjected to believe that anything that is less is inferior, any product that doesn’t give the feeling that Apple gives is less in quality. 

I like to call it the Brand Mentality. 

And here’s how to get started with using the strategy; You need to consciously make people understand that if they are not your customers or not buying your products/services they don’t have a good quality taste, they don’t know what’s best for them, they don’t understand the value. To make the strategy effective for a long time and for the sustained reputation of your business, you must deliver a unique feeling (of satisfaction) that they won’t get from your competitors (or anywhere else). From the way you talk to them on phone to product design and packaging, you must communicate the feeling of Superiority and importance they can only get by being your customers, using your product or subscribing to your service. You must let them understand that only inferior people with inferior tastes use other brands that are not yours. 

Remember these 4 business strategies every Sunday. 

See you soon, 

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