The 5 Insane Ideas of November

5 Insane Ideas of November

Hi Cliq,

This is a confession for me and a Challenge for you. I hardly get enough sleep sometimes, every waking day is a new canvas that must be filled with innovative ideas, some of these ideas I simply pen down for future implementation while I discard some overtime, but this 5 insane ideas won’t just stay in my books; they want to see the light of reality. Maybe the ideas are not that insane, perhaps they are terribly insane, or maybe I’m the one insane over a perfectly sane idea, you’ll be the judge of that after reading this article.



I’m always of the notion that ideas are cheap; implementing an Idea is the real test. I also learned early in life that all it takes for a man to absolutely  transform his life is just one Idea. That’s why the concept of failing forward is a watchword for every man that has and will succeed with an idea. So, many times it’s not about the idea, it’s about the will to bring it to reality.

Also, that’s why I have included a challenge form in this article, should anyone is interested in joining a team of great minds that will work at making any of the 5 insane ideas a reality. Join the Cliq, fill the form to indicate interest, you’ll be contacted for next step.


Insane Idea 1


We all breathe, don’t we? That’s what keeps us alive. The objective of this organization is to give people more breathe, more life. Imagine the possibility of changing the world, helping people become a better version of them, empowering people with the wealth, health, and abundance they want just by making them do something they do naturally without stress – breathing.

Now, don’t get it misconstrued just yet. The base of this idea is founded on some scientific facts.
1. Meditation and Breathing exercise can sharpen your mind (
2. Proper breathing Brings better health: Stress reduction, insomnia prevention, emotion control, improved attention. (
3. Breathing techniques can be used to treat pain and increase energy levels (

Hence, to answer the urgent call for mental health and wellbeing, we can proffer services like
Breathing Exercise and Breathe Therapy

What do you think? Let’s forgive ourselves for not exploring this science already and start learning how the simple act of breathing can transform our existence.


Insane Idea 2

This is for many of us who finds it easy to generate ideas and solutions easily. How about making a living on this potential?

My idea for is to have a directory of ideas and solutions. More like how Google index information around the world but with the central focus on Ideas and Solutions to contemporary challenges across the globe.
Just like we have people who flow with ideas and solutions easily there are also people who seem to find implementing an idea to be fun and easy. will be a platform that connects the ideators and thinkers with effective doers and managers.

And interestingly, we can have VC’s, Philanthropists, and Angel investors come on board to provide the resources needed. Quite sane, right?


Note for the Techies
I see the future of such a platform rooted in Artificial intelligence and ML, such that it learns from human inputs over time, builds sustainable idea blueprints, and can evaluate new ideas and proffer innovative solutions for the next generation of digital natives.


Insane Idea 3

Oways (Tentative Name)

This is an Idea I’m officially pitching to Opera, Jumia, Dangote, and Innoson, may the worthy brand own it. I strategically selected these 4 companies as the ideal targets to implement this idea. Opera is gradually taking over every aspect of our needs, Transportation, feeding, wealth… Jumia is the largest e-commerce platform in Africa… Dangote is the giant of industrialization in Africa, it will be an opportunity to venture into tech and leverage on other existing sectors, and Innoson is our hope in auto mechanics, engineering, and innovative tech in transportation.

Oways (Tentative Name) is a Drone delivery and logistic company. Imagine the millions of dollars the company stands to profit when the idea of fast, cheap and convenient is expanded to reach a new limit, a new reality, where people can place an order on Jumia or order a meal via Ofood and have in delivered to their doorstep by a drone in less than 5 minutes.

Note: This Idea also involves heavy investment, an additional reason for my strategic selection earlier.
I have developed a blueprint for this idea, who do you think we should reach out to first? Are you interested in joining the team that’ll build this drone delivery and logistic company?
Fill the form below. 


Insane Idea 4


Before you read this, look around you, can you find any bottle? If yes, get ready to experience your first real magic, soon.

How often do you want to have your next bottle of coke? What if it’s possible to have unlimited litters of Coca-Cola in a 50Cl bottle. What if you don’t have to go to the mall when next you exhaust your perfume, you simply use an app on your mobile phone, click a button, and it refills itself, yes, just like that.

The Xbottle is a self-refilling bottle technology. I’m sorry to deny you the pleasure of boring you with the details of how it works.
Scientists are still working on the idea of teleportation, and the advent of quantum computing and technology delimits our perception of what is possible virtually and in reality.

This Idea might sound magical and absolutely insane, that’s why it’s a good thing that some insane scientists are working on the teleportation technology. With this technology coupled with advances in quantum computing, we can have your bottle (of Coke or anything) refilled instantly by programming your bottle to teleport a required quantity of its liquid from a designated headquarters, even if its thousands of miles away, with just a click.

Join the Challenge, let’s ask ABinBev or Coca-Cola or the International Brewery what they think.


Insane Idea 5


(Pronounced Exercise)

This one is not for the religious, it’s for the spiritual and the woke men and women who may or may not outrightly admit that they like sex.
Have you heard of the word sexercise or sex diet

According to, 98% reported that compared to jugging in a place, having sex was a lot more fun.
Research at Wilkes University in Pennsylvania found that college students who have sex once or twice a week had a higher level of a certain antibody compared to students who had sex less often ( It was also stated that sexercise boosts libido, improves women bladder, lessens pain, and may make prostate cancer less likely, improves sleep, eases stress and headaches, and lowers heart attack risk.

In conclusion, exercise is healthy and pleasurable. So, how about we have sexercise instructors on a private YouTube channel…

We have a lot of professionals who can’t spare some minutes at the gym because of appointments here and there. The idea is to have a platform where people can have guided exercise that promises intense sensual pleasure, a fitness platform where people build physical, emotional, and mental muscles with pleasure.

You can recommend someone for this. 


Find the form below. 

See You Soon, 

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    • Thanks for your comment Oyin.

      Come to think of it. Every possibility we enjoy today was once impossible. Electricity, Aeroplanes… was all considered an insane Idea at some point.

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