7 Strategic ways to Impress Your Customers

Have you been wondering what you have to do to impress your customers and keep them from running off with your competitors? Every business owner must have thought of that at some point when starting a business, trying to promote a product, wanting more sales, or trying to stay ahead of your competitors. Keeping your business relevant in the market and to your customers depends on how well you can impress your customers – you have to beat your competitors in this art of customer impression.

7 Strategic ways to Impress Your Customers

After exploring 43 market research projects and conducting a few polls to understand what really matters to many customers across the globe, I have put together the following 7 strategic ways to impress your customers, make them buy more from you and refer your brand to their friends and family.

1. Fast Delivery will Impress Your Customers

You need to optimize your Business flow to ensure faster delivery and cut down time-to-market. This is important for every business nature from service to products and infrastructures. Your customers want what they want as soon as they want it, after all, we live in an era of instant gratification, and you don’t want your competitors to always deliver before you. For product delivery, partner with a logistic agency if you must, for Infrastructures, establish a “Just-in-time” delivery relationship with your suppliers if you must, and for services, leverage on technology to break down the delivery time.

2. Impress Your Customers with Genuine Customer Care

Genuine Customer Care is not something you do just to impress your customers, it is the bedrock of your business. Every business should be the source of a solution to its customers – solving a need for a customer segment is what keeps you in business. Therefore, the need to truly understand your customers, effectively connect with them, and offer genuine customer care is a prerequisite for your business success. As much as this is an important aspect of every business, many brands still don’t pay enough attention to their customer care service.
You can chase your competitors out of the market by showing your customers you genuinely care about them and you are in business because you want to be there for them to provide solutions to their challenges and answer their questions.

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3. Impress Your Customers with Low Price

More than 73% of the world population falls in the low and middle class. This means more than half of the world (a majority of your customers) are price-sensitive buyers. If your customer segments fall within this category, you need to be flexible with your pricing, identify your customers’ pay bandwidth and perfect-price, and financial conditions that affect their wiliness to pay. Work on your cost of operations, improve your break-even scenarios, and consider the economy of scale and value.

4. Impress Your Customers with High Quality

Offer quality services and products, and consistently keep improving on the quality of every aspect of your business, from marketing to delivery, designing to implementation, and management.

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5. Impress Your Customers by Educating them

Information is what differentiates us from each other. The knowledge a man takes his time to acquire is what makes him what he is – a doctor, a writer, an electrician, or a dancer. For every business that takes innovation to heart, you must consistently educate your customers to keep up with your ideas. Sometimes your customers don’t know what they want, it is your duty to innovate and present new and improved ways of solving their problems and educate them on the difference.

Educating your customers could be as easy as making them understanding your production process, the difference between the available raw materials for your products and why you have decided to use certain material or partner with a particular logistic company. Educating your customer is simply keeping them in the know and making them feel like a part of the brand.

6. Impress Your Customers by Entertaining them

There are enough depressing occurrences going on lately. The mantra that a piece of bad news is good news isn’t necessarily true anymore. More people are gravitating towards demanding better value for their time, and this means demanding more entertainment from every news.

Brands that are able to keep their customers entertained while still staying focused on their sales objectives become market leaders with a higher number of happy customers.

7. Freebies Impress Your Customers

Free is the best thing that was ever created. And If you have read the Business Model Generation you’ll find out that Free is a business model every business in the digital age must be willing to implement.
As much the digital age promotes competitive advantage it also promotes competition. Freemium – Free business model, means you give your customers a taste of what the brand stands for. Offering your customers something valuable for free is a strategy that builds customer loyalty, showcase your genuineness in being there for them – to solve their problems.

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