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Charles Adetola is an outstanding digital brand consultant/marketer, and the author of Digital Brand Marketing – A book on how to use technology to articulate and exceed customer expectations and increase sales.

He helps entrepreneurs and small businesses develop and implement digital brand marketing strategies to find and connect with their perfect customers.

When Charles is not working on developing digital brand marketing strategies, He is either playing chess or basketball, watching a movie, or busy helping business owners identify digital growth hacks and sustainable business models to influence and dominate the market.

He is a renowned digital skill coach with over 17,000 students across 141 Countries. Charles currently has over 30 free online courses and ebooks about digital brand marketing, sales, and strategy.

Charles works with SMEs and Global Online Learning Brands, Including Udemy, iLearn, and Skillshare.

His Course on How to Design Your Website in 10 Days was Rated 9.5/10 by Course Marks. 

Learn Website Design with WordPress - 10 Days Challenge rating

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The Four (4) Locus of Charles Adetola


Business is about People.

Entrepreneurs must learn to empathize with their target audience if “The People” must patronize their idea.


We are Digital Natives

A generation of people that acts and reacts with each other via Social Technology.


Creativity is Infinite.

We must Inspire the World with innovative Ideas and Unique designs that solve Challenges with Style.


Sustainable Business Thinking (SBT) should be the heart of enterprise design.

It is the secret to brand immortality.

A Personal Brand - A Personal Guide

A personal Purpose...

  • To help you build a strong digital brand and Increase sales.

  • To be the hallmark of high sales and digital performance for your business.

  • To support smart people with ideas, entrepreneurs, and business owners like you, to help you connect to the target market that matters to the growth of your brand.

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