Beware of SEO! It can kill your Business

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), the search engine algorithm is now programmed to work more on using user experience to rank contents on the search engine result page. This means SEO and Brands that are customer-centric will eventually make it to the searchers’ favorite search engine result page (SERP), page 1.

Getting Your SEO Orientation Right

Most Search engine optimizers don’t get it right. In the attempt to use search engines to build awareness, increase authority, conversion, sales and engagement, a lot of content creators and search engine optimizers actually kill their businesses. One of the most effective SEO strategies is creating unique and SEO Friendly contents, contents with great and relevant headlines, detailed descriptions, metadata, and internal and external links. The Nature of this strategy is On-page, and it is to ensure that users get the best value for their time, the best content that answers their questions and solves their challenges.

If you’re reading this I assume you understand what SEO is. You can click here to take a quick course on SEO.

The Problem

The problem is that most Search Engine Optimizers (SEO) try too hard to rank on search engines, they forget SEO is about the search engine users and not the search engine itself. Understanding how the search engine works, identifying the right keywords and how your target audience and competitors use them is the fundamentals of SEO, but in the end, SEO is aimed at delivering the best value to search engine users, not the search engine nor your competitors. Search engine optimizers get too involved with the technicality of search engine algorithm instead of searchers behaviors and experience with the content they’ve searched for.

The Solution

Search Engine Optimizers need to stop trying to please search engines and focus on creating great and relevant contents that answer their customer’s questions and solves their challenges.

The Good News

Final Note

Beware of SEO – Be careful of the SEO Strategies you’re implementing. Don’t let your SEO strategies kill your business; focus on delivering the best experience for your target audience (search engine users).  

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