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Brand Reward System is a brand development and management tool used to analyze the core of your customers purchasing decision; it is the point where your value proposition connects with your customer’s emotion and reason for purchase. 

Brand Reward System is a brand development and management tool used to analyze the core of your customer’s purchasing decision; it is the point where your value proposition connects with your customer’s emotion and reason for purchase. 

BRS is the secret great brands use to connect with its customers to build a long-lasting strong brand. The tool helps businesses understand customer’s pain-point and the rewards they hope to achieve when they purchase your product. 

This Article is Extracted from Session 2 of Digital Brand Marketing, a book on how to use technology to articulate and exceed customers expectations, and increase sales.

Scientifically, the Brand Reward System attempts to initiates the release of dopamine which ignites the nerves and often results in actions. Dopamine is a chemical in our brain that makes us happy, our customers experience a sense of pleasure when this chemical is released. Our core objective in business is to make customers expect/anticipate the same pleasure when they think of our brands.

Experience and Expectation are two key factors when building a strong brand. Experience and Expectations are connected by a formula: If you like how it makes you feel – do it again and again, and if you don’t like how it makes you feel – avoid it in the future. Building a strong brand is a battle to win customers’ experience and expectations, and you can only win by first, exceeding customers’ expectations for reward and be consistent in delivering more of that reward.

Your ability to identify your customers pain-point and create unique Brand Reward Systems is the root to growing a strong brand, Exceeding customers’ expectations for rewards makes the brand flourish, and delivering the unique reward consistently is what makes a brand immortal. This is the secret to brand immortality.

The BRS was inspired by a psychologist, Norbert Bischof, also known as the father of the Zurich Model of Social Motivation in 1989 stated that there are 3 model of socialization that guides all human motives through life: Autonomy, Security, and Arousal. 

Let’s consider the following scenarios to get a better understanding of each Brand Reward System (BRS).


Your brand reward system offers autonomy if it presents your customer with a sense of superiority or helps your customer satisfy any feeling of inferiority.

Brands that address the Autonomy BRS are associated with values like triumph, power, dominance, honor, ambition, and achievements. You often find these values among designer clothing labels and luxury product manufacturers that want customers to have an autonomous sense of reward for their high achievements and determination by associating with the brand. You will find them using slogans like “A crown for every achievement” – Rolex, “Just do it” – Nike.

Autonomous customers do not want to be controlled; they want a sense of freedom and a feeling that they have earned the values they are getting.


People will always desire stability and comfort. Customers want brands that can help them overcome their fear of the known and unknown.

Brands that leverage security as a BRS have values that are associated with security, care, attachment, hope, reliability, etc. Insurance and Pharmaceutical companies are good examples of brands that use the security Brand Reward Systems, you find them often using expressions like “You’re in good hands”, “We are Big Strong and Reliable”, “We are stronger together“, “We take care of what you care about”, all of which try to emphasize how much they care about you, and how you have to trust them to protect you and keep you safe.

Security-conscious customers want proofs of safety and evidence of hope that everything will be alright.


People want to be engaged. Humans are naturally wired to desire fun, excitement, and delight.

An example of a brand that addresses the Arousal BRS is Harmony Condoms, India. The company’s tagline is Try something new tonight! Brands like these have values relative to creativity, fantasy, sensuality, and openness. You will often find brands like these saying things like “we are the incredible ones”, “Magically delicious”, Taste the Explosion”, “Unleash your passion”, all of which can be interpreted as saying ‘we are the source of new experiences, we can show you things you can only imagine’.

Most Customers fall into this category due to an influx of attention-seeking content at every corner of the internet, as every brand is trying to attract customers by promising them an ecstatic experience. This is gradually causing a higher demand for brands to engage and keep customers aroused.

According to Dr. Herbst of the Berlin Career Center, these three fundamental motives are founded in childhood already.

Soon after birth, we are already seeking security and attachment to trusted persons. The proximity to the parents, comfort, and protection from danger are extremely important in the first few months of a baby’s life. The baby at this early stage develops trust and attachment (security motive). As soon as the child can crawl and walk, they want to explore their environment with their own legs–they’re looking for something new and different, including new and different people. It is curious, it wants to experience things for itself and experiment. At the same time, it puts more and more distance between itself and the parents, especially in comparison with its earlier attachment to the mother-Increased independence and autonomy (arousal motive and autonomy motives).

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