Brand Scope for the Year 2020 – Marketing Partnership for Sustainability

A lot of my cliq members have been asking me what I have in plans for the year 2020. Here it goes.

A Brand Resolution for 2020

My mission this year is to partner with big brands that value people in their diversity, appreciate creativity and freedom of belief and installs sustainability as the heart of its business. 

My promotion and marketing blueprint for the brand involves strategic visibility and accessibility structure, and a seamless onboarding process. This blueprint is a product of my relationship with some media partners, including Televising agencies like TVC and BBC Africa.

The branding ecosystem in Nigeria is at T point. Brands must decide to either go back to nothingness, take a path that conforms with the current status quo, or lead a new ecosystem via strategic innovation. 

Sneak Peek: Digital Advertising Depends on Channel Quality.

Why spend 300,000 a month on recruiting marketers to push your products in people’s faces, when you could spend the same amount in a week and get customers to come to you instead all year. 

It all depends on the quality of the channel. 

You can get more done in a shorter time – my idea of growth hacking.

I’m not trying to distinguish traditional marketing from digital marketing, I’m introducing marketing that works.

Do you have a plan for your brand this year? 

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