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5 Online Market to Sell Your Products in Africa

I’ve had a lot of small business owners asking me the question “How Do I Sell my Products Online”. One of the most effective ways to sell your products online as a small business owner is to partner with established e-commerce platforms. It will save you cost, time and money, and expand your reach to a larger market. In this article, I have listed 5 Online Market to Sell Your Products in Africa.

Success is an Addiction – A Basket You Cannot Fill

I know Success is an Addiction and I’ve always had this notion that life is like a basket, and most often, my life experiences prove this metaphor to be valid. Some circumstances in life operate relative to the way a basket would; when the basket is full you need a larger basket if you want …

Ideas are Cheap but Marketing is Hard

Marketing is about conviction. I just hope the 3 little kids won’t try to sell me a mirror and tell me my identical twin brother lives in the device. Anyways, I bought them a bottle of Pepsi, and they asked a lot of questions which I’m sure they might turn into another profitable business someday.