Creating a Great Social Media Calendar

I hope these five recommendations will help you create a great social media calendar.
 Hello, Charles

My name is Nina, I was a participant at the Digital Africa Conference. I’ll like to thanks for the awesome lecture on Social Media Management, it was enlightening.
I do have a problem though. You mentioned some social media management tools we can use to plan and automate posts and you also mentioned that having a social media calendar is essential to an effective social media management, but you didn’t really explain to us how to develop a good social media calendar.  
Please, what are your recommendations on developing a good social media calendar? 
Hope to hear from you soon. 

Warmest Regard,
- Nina Adeyemi 
Hi Nina, 

Thanks for reaching out. I’m glad you find the lecture awesome and would like to know more about how to develop a good social media calendar. 
Please, find my recommendations below. 

What to consider when creating a social media calendar

1. Days of the Week

You need to be strategic when selected the days of the week you will be posting on your social media platforms. For instance, people are always busy and occupied with work on Monday mornings, if your target is the working class, you need to find a better time when theirs a higher chance that they will be available to engage with your posts. Also, it is not advisable to post formal posts on Friday evenings. Friday evening is associated with fun and outdoor events. Posting fun and entertaining posts at this time will get more engagement than posting serious business contents.


2. Month Cycle

Every month has the beginning, the mid, and the end phase. According to psychology, most people have higher positive energy at the beginning of the month (just like we all do at the beginning of the year) and will be open to new ideas at this point. Plan your contents such that you introduce new ideas to your audience at the early phase of the month when their enthusiasm is high.

At the mid phase, people are already getting bored and funds are getting low, this is a time to motivate and entertain them, create contents that are motivating and encouraging.

The end phase is when people are most expectant and hopeful (Salary is here), and it is the time to pitch your value propositions. Your value proposition is not your product or service; it is the benefits your customers get from using your product or service.

Note: There is a clear difference between pitching your value proposition and trying to sell your products or service to them. This postThe right Digital Brand Marketing Approach will give you a better insight on how to pitch your value propositions.

3. National Holidays

Celebrating with your audience builds a better connection. You need to show your audience that you share in their reality and you want to be there with them through every moment. Great brands that have become household names use National holidays and events to create a stronger bonding with their customers.

Create felicitating contents with the holiday themes during National Events and Holidays, and send felicitating emails to your customers.

4. Audience Peak Period

Using Analytics, you can deduce the peak period of your audience, this is the time when they engage with your posts more. You need to identify this peak period and plan your social media calendar to create more engaging contents at the peak periods.

5. Trending Local News & Events

Understanding your Target audience also means you need to know their geographical locations and understand their cultures. Create contents that resonate with your audience by Using news and cultural events from your audience’s locality to create your social media contents.

Nina, I hope these five recommendations will help you create a great social media calendar. You can always contact me anytime by clicking on the contact menu on my site, I’ll be glad to answer your questions and provide solutions to your digital marketing challenges anytime.


 Charles Adetola
 The Cliq Master 
74 / 100

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