Discover How to use #Technology to articulate and exceed customer expectations, and increase #sales.

Learn the secret that created great brands like Rolex, Coca-Cola, Apple, Google… and how you can build your business into a strong brand using technology.

DIgital Brand Marketing - Charles Adetola
Digital Brand Marketing – Charles Adetola
Digital Brand Marketing - Available on LULU
Digital Brand Marketing - Available on Amazon

What You’ll Learn in Digital Brand Marketing:

Learn positive ways to manage and automate your business operations without stress:

Digital Brand Marketing; How to use technology to anticipate and exceed customer’s expectations and increase sales, is a book that introduces its reader to the concepts of brand development and how a business connects with the perfect target market, what to do to promote loyalty, and how to effectively utilize technology to check marketing and sales challenges.

This book explains, with vivid scenarios, the idea of Digital Branding, Terms you must know in Digital Marketing, the idea of Value Proposition, Customer Profiling, Brand Reward Systems, Websites Goals and Objectives, Conversion Funnels, Search Engine Optimization and Marketing and how to make search engines work for you, Content Marketing, Email Marketing and Automation, Social Media Marketing, and Business Analytics.
Also included is a link to a live page that contains Valuable Links for Business Growth and Sales Hacking.

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