Digital Marketing Talk (Part 1)

Digital marketing is a very wide subject and the concept of digital marketing keeps expanding with advancements in technology. Lately, it revolves around Proximity marketing, Chatbot automated marketing, and virtual reality marketing amongst others. 

Some years back digital marketing meant content marketing, today we dare not discuss its entirety without writing a book. We have new tools and campaign platforms coming up every now and then. 

This fast-paced advancement in digital marketing has lead to much confusion. Many business owners don’t have clarity on how digital marketing can be applied in their business. 

To make it worse, many digital marketers don’t have practical knowledge of how digital marketing works and fumbles when given the opportunity. What a conundrum! 

This conundrum translates to many misconceptions about the term digital marketing. In fact, I’ve gotten to that point where I’m almost frustrated with the term digital marketing. It’s been abused to the extent it’s almost losing its valor. And that’s why I prefer the term Digital Brand Marketing, to retain a cogent aspect for every business, Brand Building, and Development. Perhaps, we can change the orientation if we look at digital marketing in the light of marketing and building a strong digital brand. 

This idea further puts many so-called digital marketers at the edge. and that’s how we separate and identify real from the fake. 

Real brand marketers understand that branding is the soul of every campaign, real digital marketers understand what drives results, real digital marketers know the KPI (key performance indicators) to watch out for in every campaign.

Fake digital marketers promise to help businesses sell their products but fails.  

Digital marketing is not what you think it is. It’s not a magic wand that you wave on the internet and boom! you sell all your products (don’t fall into that trap). It takes processes, it involves strategies, and most importantly it requires research and experiments to determine what works for you. 

To get started with the right mentality to digital marketing, I recommend you read this article: 

To get a Practical experience of how digital marketing works, fill this form: 

I don’t blame many people making efforts at digital marketing without measurable results, the truth is many Digital marketing institutes are getting it wrong and teaching it wrongly. 

How do you identify the right digital marketing institute for you? That’s a secret I will share with my cliqs.

See you soon, 

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