Digital Skills Bootcamp - 2020

5 days Digital Skills Bootcamp for Small Business Owners and Unemployed Youths.

The one secret to making 200k monthly online even if you're just a beginner...

No guru will tell you this…

I lost a lot of money before I learned this.

Just like every young lad that wanted to be rich…

I was determined but confused.

I bought courses but still wasn’t getting results…

I was running from one skill to another, and one course to another.

I had knowledge but it seemed as if the more I know the more I’m broke.

I made a decision that changed my life that night...

I said to myself.

Hey, raise that dump ass of yours and get to work…

That night, I focused all my energy on learning just one course…

I turned off my data and just focused on the training.


The next morning I did something crazy…

I wrote a simple ebook…

Priced it at 2k and launched it.

I sold 10 copies…


That’s 20k in one day.

One day, I got a call from my younger sister that my dad has been rushed to the hospital.

I was broke.

I was confused.

I was depressed.

Then a text came in...

"The doctor said we should drop 50k before they commence treatment"

50 what!?

The only money in my account is an urgent 2k.

I rushed to the hospital to beg the doctor but he mocked me.

A full-grown man like you cannot afford ordinary 50k.


My God! I will never ever forget that day.

The nurses were giggling and laughing.

I was so pained.

My heart bled.

I went home and cried throughout the night…

Will crying solve any problems?

Nah! it won’t…

Now, here's what nobody will tell you...

To earn money very fast online as a complete BEGINNER…

You need to learn how to run Facebook Ads.

Nobody will tell you this…

And maybe you’ve bought a Facebook Ads course but don’t know where to start then you need to be in this bootcamp…

You will not only learn Facebook Ads…

I will hold you by hand until you launch your first advert..(nobody will do this for you)

In this bootcamp...

My desire is to help you make your first 100k in 30 days or less.

It’s going to be a 100 percent practical class… (the best you’ve ever seen)

Here’s another thing you don’t want to miss.

  • You will learn how to sell with words (Copywriting)
  • You will also learn email marketing.

Let me tell you something about email marketing…

Someone that has a 10k email list is like someone that owns an estate…

You will never ever be broke in your life.

These are things nobody will tell you.


Stay with me…

You must hit your first million by December.

  • You will also learn how to design a landing page and build a website (you can charge as low as 100k for one website)
  • You will also learn about mobile marketing.

That’s not all…

Here are some free bonus for you...👇

Fredrick Ibemgbo


A Copy of Fredrick N. Ibemgbo's Most sought after eBook - A Guide to Social Media Influence Business.

Digital Brand Marketing - Charles Adetola


A copy of Charles Adetola's eBook, Digital Brand Marketing; how to use technology to articulate and exceed customers' expectations, and increase sales.


Frank Egon will also be giving you his masterpiece ebook, 7 ways to blow on Facebook.


... And You'll get a copy of "Authority Positioning" by Marycynthia Okafor.

How much are you willing to pay to secure your future?





No amount is too big for your financial freedom, right?

The total worth of this training is 50k flat.



I remember the days I was still struggling with money.

So this is my own way of giving back.

I believe when you hit your own millions you will give back too.

I have slashed the price to 5k.

I don’t want you to have any excuse.

I also have something sweet for those that pay today… (the fast action takers)

If you pay today…

You will pay only 3k.

After today, the price goes up to 5k.

Will you deny yourself this opportunity to really make your mum proud?


The choice is yours.

Grab the offer here for 3k only and secure your spot to wealth. 👇👇👇

Digital Skills Bootcamp

Flexible Schedule
Class Starts: November 23
Registration Fee: 3,100

For Enquiries: master@charlesadetola.com