Do You Know GOOGLE PHOTOs? An Efficient Tool for Productivity

Do you know GOOGLE PHOTO? An efficient tool for productivity.
Google Photos have been very efficient in helping me document my activities, I’ve been more organized, efficient and productive.
Do you know GOOGLE PHOTO? An efficient tool for productivity.

Lately, I’ve been having a lot of real-time thinking about what’s next for me. There are a lot of boxes that need to be checked in limited time and resources. 

My greatest challenge was always about documentation, finding the time to document a process. I discovered google photos and the story changed.

Google photos have been very efficient in helping me document my activities, I’ve been more organized, efficient and productive because Google Photo Helps me document my progress on the Go.

That satisfaction of knowing all you have to do to document your project (business, programs, education, etc) activities is just to pick up your phone and take some photos.


Here are a few hints on how google photo is helping me:


Creates Albums –  with better Intelligence

You can create albums and titles based on the projects you’re working on. You can either create some folders manually or the AI (Artificial Intelligence) helps you suggest some folders, based on faces, places you’ve been, people you met, seasons and special dates, instead of the usual monthly – grid or list display.  

Simply take photos, create albums and sort the photos into the right folders when you have some minutes to spare, usually less than 3 Minutes for me.


 Intelligent Sorting System.

The sorting system is highly accurate. Be specific with what you want to find; the sorting system options are very dynamic. Yes, a fast, accurate, and easy search feature can also fix you sorting problems just in case you can’t find something in the folder you expect it to be.


It has a partner called Google Lens.

Although this is another product entirely, I had to mention it because of the intent of this post – to help you be more productive.

With Google Lens, you can easily take photos of anything (object for instance) you want to know about and google lenses will search the whole content on the internet and show similar objects with links to more details about it.

As a farmer, you can snap the picture of a strange insect you found on your farm and get more details about it. As an artist, you can snap pictures of your paintings and see if there’s a similar pattern online – just to know if there’s someone who thinks like you. As a dermatologist, you can snap a picture of a type of skin infection and get more case scenarios you could refer to for more knowledge.

It’s for everyone, you’ll find it interesting even when you’re bored.  

PhotoScan by Google Photos

Want to scan a document and attach it to an email you want to send? You’re covered, simply click the options, select #Photscan and scan away. The scan interphase is amazing and easy to use, It’s a topnotch UX (User experience) for me.


Cloud Backup

It’s simple, I don’t have to worry about losing files, or not being able to access it. I can access the folders anytime anywhere.


Maximum Security

Google doesn’t joke with security, and yet, makes it convenient for the users. Your data is safe. Find the settings and customize it to fit whatever level of security satisfies you.



Create Movies, Animations, and Collage


The Busy-bee can use this to easily sting up images together for comparison and references. The creative can use it to make movies of beautiful memories, places they’ve been and so on.

I plan to use that to create a movie of how my year went. Yes, imagine putting a whole year of memory into a 30 – 45 minutes’ video. Sounds cool to me.



Shareability and Social Connection

It has a very smooth flow with sharing. You can share it with other emails and friends.

I suspect it’s a social media platform going through a metamorphosis – most technology of recent tends to want to find ways to make people connect more via their application and platforms.

That’s something we all should start considering. Let’s call it the #SocioAPPliconnection model.

Hello, it means we can be in different places and still share memories together. And it means you can connect with your team members on another level


How I use google photos – 5 Simple Steps:

Step 1: Take Photos with my phone every day and every time I’m working or just having fun.

Step 2: 

Spend some time every weekend to create folders and sort the images into the right folders, Fun, Memories, Research, Project X, Project Y, Family, Places ….

Step 3: 

Enable Back Up

Step 4: 

Share to Relevant recipient or Google Drive

Step 5: 

Stay Happy and Productive Ever After!

Thanks for Reading,

Have a Productive Digital lifestyle.

 Your Digital Brand Consultant

–          Charles Adetola

67 / 100

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