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Embracing Change in a world where Incompetence accompany Change

The rules of business and entrepreneurship are not definite, entrepreneurs and business owners must understand that the most respected phenomenon in business is ‘change’. Unlike, sports where there are specific rules and structures to winning, business is dependent on a lot of factors, including the local environment, global economy, and most importantly human nature and capacity to deliver.

As the world keeps advancing, humans are constantly pushed to dare old limits and explore new possibilities, each stride calls for a different approach, hence, those who are daring enough to take the leading steps are not certain of the outcome of their actions.

Incompetency and Change
Embracing change in a world where incompetence accompany change

As humans, we are wired to seek that feeling of competency and perfection, but this only creates a complex when it comes to business and entrepreneurship. We live a world where everything keeps changing and there are new grounds to explore, and with the “NEW” comes incompetency and uncertainty.

It is safe to say that we humans must come to the reality that change is often accompanied by incompetency, and extend this perception to business and entrepreneurship. While most entrepreneurs and business owners may seek perfection, it can only be a pseudo-perfection we seek, because we can never be perfect with that which is new and yet to be totally explored.

In business, new technology demands that humans must learn new skills to optimize new technology. If we do not embrace the change and admit the possibility of incompetency we will become rigid, adamant, and refuse to learn. When this happens we become obsolete and left aback, like the great communications giant, NOKIA.

There are non-definite rules that govern how every company must respond to change, you, as a valuable asset to the company leadership must identify how your company will respond to changes, discover your incompetency earlier, and not get complacent with any form of perfection.

Your idea of a perfect manager, perfect speaker, perfect CEO, organization leader, etc, must no longer be measured in terms of technical deliverables and capacity alone, but also in terms of the ability to embrace change and the empathy to understand that changes come with imperfection and incompetency. In this new world, every leader and expert is incompetent and a learner of the ‘new’.

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