Every Customer is a Human that Baths Naked

in business, you must be human enough to see every customer as humans, think and feel what it's like to be in their shoes, sometimes, it's called customer journey or user experience.

I was ruminating about the networking and pitching event coming up soon for CEOs, Investors, and Marketers. I was thinking about the objective of the platform and the people that would be present. I later realized I got lost in thoughts about the “People”, probably because the first chapter in my coming book is about “People” as the center and circumference of every business. Particularly, I’m referring to Every business’s  target audience – Customers, and a consistent (neither good or bad) nature of every customer, like any other human, is that they bath naked, just like any manager, marketer, business owner, bank owner, agency director, government official, in fact, every organization or society is occupied by people who bath naked.

Wait! I’m almost hitting my point.

Think of this: If you are as human as your customers, why is it so hard to market to them, why are they not interested in your product, why do they say it’s expensive (or Cheap) while you feel you’re offering them the best value?

Do you ever ask yourself: Why would you be interested in your own product/service if you were the customer?

The question of “Why” is the most important question in business and If you can answer that why question effectively, you can sell that product to anybody, any human, because you know what’s it’s like to want it as much as they would want it. All humans have a common nature of wants and needs, all you need to do is find how to ignite that want in your customers. 

I know it’s easier imagined than done.

Imagine a scenario where your brother started a soap making business neither him nor his staff or family members had tried the soap before. How will he be able to effectively communicate how the soap feels when bathing with it or the type of fragrance to exhumes when foaming, tell me, how will he help paint in the customer’s mind, a picture of the experience the customers gets when using the soap? 

Mark Zuckerberg knows what it’s like to use Facebook – he satisfied a craving for connection, which he wanted and needed, then successfully ignited that craving in other people. He knows what using VR technology feels like. That’s why he can stand in front of any human and make them long to experience what he experienced. 

He became a millionaire because he could market his thoughts and human expectations to other humans – the investors and users. Même Toi bought in the idea – that’s why you’re on Facebook.  

You’re getting the point now but wondering “why the strange headline“. It’s strange because a lot of people have been asking me how they can increase business sales.

The purpose of this article is to make you understand how you can sell your business to your customers, how you can market your idea to people that really matter to the success of your business. 

The solution is to understand that they (your customers or investors) are humans (they bath naked), and you can let them share in your vision, dreams, and desires, by expressing yourself (or your business personality) as human such that they can crave the experience of using your product or service. You have to deeply immerse yourself in the reality surrounding your product or service such that investors will have no choice but to believe, and marketers will have no choice but to share in the vision, and your consumers get hooked on the experience. 

I can tell you this strategy works because Empathy as a natural human phenomenon is key in business, you must be human enough to see your audience as humans, think and feel what it’s like to be in their shoes, sometimes, it’s called customer journey or user experience. An interesting topic you’ll like to hear more of right? 

Expect some ripe nugget and brand marketing hacks in my next book. Get ready to change your mindset and position your business for excellence

The Digest – Conclusion

Your customers are humans like you, and every human has needs and wants. CEOs and Marketers must understand that business is about people, you must learn to understand people, what makes them tick, and what they want and why. 

Now you know why I chose the headline “Every customer is a human that Baths naked“. If you can convince yourself of your own ideas, you can convince your investors, team, and customers also. 

That was the center of my thoughts while in the shower and wondering what the platform would be like, where we have Investors seated with marketers, CEOs, and key customers (not users). 

I imagined what it would be like when they all understand that they are all humans, creating businesses for humans and having humans as the central and circumference of their activities. 

It is cogent to ensure that they all know what the other needs, that’s how they can all work together to create more opportunities. 

Then another thought crossed my mind as I was about to turn off the shower; What would the Tech perception of Marxism be like?

That’s a topic for another day. 

Dismiss the previous paragraph, take a deep breath and read this article again.

See you soon, 

63 / 100

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