How to Become Bedfellows with Your Clients


This book, How to Become Bedfellows with Your Clients contains sexual undertones that you usually won’t see in a book about business and sales. Alas! It also contains the subtle and often overlooked truths about relationships between businesses and clients.

It is a short conventional piece of writing that is going to cause a severe impact on your conscience and perception. It is not an MBA manual nor is it a dating guide (I think), it’s merely a book on influence and interpersonal relationships, to help you make more sales in your business.

How to Become Bedfellows with Your Clients – Charles Adetola

There are 7 principles of influence presented in this book. I mean raw-husband/wife-snatching principles of influence to help you grow your business and make more sales, get your clients to fall in love with you, and have them dripping with satisfaction as they comply with your terms and willingly pay to be serviced by you.

Business is complex because it is always about people.
Every problem in business is an interpersonal relationship problem.
If you don’t believe that statement this book is not for you.
In fact, stop reading right away and forget about becoming bedfellows with your clients.

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