How to Create Mobile Applications Without Coding – Top 4 Platforms

How to create mobile applications without coding by Charles adetola
With these 4 platforms, You can easily turn your ideas into mobile applications without coding.

It all started on a Tuesday night. I had this incredible idea for a mobile application that I believe would disrupt the educational sector. 

As usual, I took my pen and idea pad, hurried to the living room and started drafting the details. 

After some days of refining the features of the mobile application, I had about 14 cool features, some of these features seem too awesome to be possible, but I dare not limit my mind.

As a smart entrepreneur, I know it’s very unwise to roll out all the features at once, in fact, it’s going to be a waste of time, and even a waste of money and effort if it turns out that the market doesn’t appreciate it as expected. 

So, I needed an MVP (Minimum Viable Product). I decided my MVP for the mobile application is only going to have the 3 most relevant features needed to penetrate the market. We can set up a sponsored user program for 3 months, test and measure how the market responds to it, revise the features and collect user opinions, and finally, schedule a framework of how other features can gradually be integrated.

Oops! I forgot to tell you something very important, I AM NOT A PROGRAMMER.

I can’t code but my Idea requires serious coding, how do I develop my mobile application? That was the question on my mind for a long while, and that is the basis of this article.

I came up with Plan A and B (before I found C)

Plan A: Hire a Mobile Application Developer

I have a few developers as friends and assumed it’s just a matter of speaking with one of them to join my pursuit of quality education and birth the future of education. 

But I was wrong. Most developers in my circle are too engaged with clients’ projects and wouldn’t buy into my mission. Some promised to get on with me at a later date, some told me my application is not one of a kind and would require heavy capital in terms of technology infrastructure, some told me they need a team of engineers to work with, while some told me I need to pay them in millions (that I obviously can’t afford) before they can get to work. 

Plan B: Learn to Develop Mobile Applications Myself

I could learn to develop mobile applications by myself, after all, I have some very good elementary knowledge of how it works. 

But I was also wrong. Learning to code to the extent of developing marketable mobile applications is not a day job, it’s not even a year’s job, neither is it a joke you can easily mess with. 

More so, time is of the essence, I need to develop the MVP fast and I have a pound of other things on my calendar. 

I was in this state of a conundrum, How do I build my mobile application without coding?

Then it hit me, Gbam!!

Plan C: Find a Platform where I can develop mobile applications without coding.

I started my research on platforms where anybody with little or no coding skills can develop their big ideas into mobile applications without headaches. 

I was able to identify some top-performing platforms that offer this as a service. I did my qualitative analysis and comparison, and here are the Best 4 platforms where you can develop mobile applications without coding or any prior knowledge of programming. 

The Top 4 Platforms where entrepreneurs can develop mobile applications without coding.

How to create mobile applications without coding by Charles adetola

1. Apperi.io

Apperi is indeed everything you need to make your own app. It is a low-code app development platform that makes it easy to create a hybrid mobile application, web applications, and PWAs.

Appery.io uses HTML/JS/CSS and PhoneGap (Apache Cordova) to create the app. If the app you are trying to build can be created using these technologies, then you can build this app in Appery.io.

Price: Apperi offers 14 days free trial and a monthly fee of $70 (NGN 25,200) – $100 (NGN 36,000). 

2. Appypie.com

Building your mobile application is as easy as making a pie, because Appy Pie needs no coding skills at all.

Whether you are working on the next big app or on a breakthrough solution for your business, Appypie will give you all the tools you need to succeed.

Price: Appypie offers 2 days free access, a basic plan of $18 (NGN 6,480 )per month, and a Gold and Platinum plan with additional premium features for a monthly fee of $36 (NGN 12, 960) and $60 (NGN 21,600) respectively.

3. Bubble.io

You don’t need to be a coder to build software and mobile applications. 

Whether you are working on the next big app or on a breakthrough solution for your business, Bubble promises to give you all the tools you need to succeed.

Price: Bubble has a Free Plan for practice, a monthly fee of $29 (NGN 10,440) for an Individual account, and $129 (NGN 46,440) – $529 (NGN 190,440) for professional and company accounts.

4. Thunkable.com

Thunkable also enables anyone to create beautiful and powerful mobile applications. 

Price: Thunkable offers 14 days trial and a free version. With the free version of Thunkable, all app projects are set to public mode. This means that all projects are automatically included in the Thunkable Public Gallery, for anyone to preview and remix. 

The PRO version costs $20 (NGN 7,200). With a PRO membership, you have the ability to create and edit private projects. This means that no one else will have access to your apps.


With these 4 platforms, You can easily turn your ideas into mobile applications without coding.

An average digital-savvy human spends more than 4 hours on his/her mobile device daily. It’s now up to you to leverage on these platforms to develop your great mobile applications, impact the world and stay relevant in this digital age, and watch your business grow like the 3 magic beans.

Best of luck! 

Let me know if you need further assistance with your idea and mobile application development.

See you soon, 

79 / 100

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