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Money Skill Camp 2021

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Money Skill Camp
May 9 - Aug 1, 2021

Charles Adetola - Money Skill Camp

What you will learn at the Money Skill Camp:

All the Practical lessons and step-by-step instructions you need to cash out like a badass!

Money Skill Camp - Certificate of Digital Skill Proficiency - Charles Adetola

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Money Skill Camp

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"Charles makes some of the best educational digital marketing content on the internet! His teaching style is approachable and thorough and I've learned a lot from him over the years.”
digital marketing services at charles adetola
Tim Hadassah
CEO - Tim Haddies
“Charles is smart, charismatic and insightful! He has a lot of experience and shares his knowledge freely.”
Semilore Ajayi
"At first, I was skeptical. But i got to realize Charles is an absolute genius. the way he teaches is impressive. "
Sam Hector
IT Consultant
Charles has a brilliant mindset, his approach towards problem-solving is very efficient and also incredible.
Tuhin Banik
Tuhin Banik
“Charles Adetola provided valuable information that our attendees could apply to their own social media practices, to help them grow their businesses and increase effectiveness.”
Sarah Ayson
In over 2 decades of my relationship with Charles, he has proven to be a creative genius who crystallizes his bright ideas into valuable products. He is particularly a master curator of content and programs. Above all, he is jovial and easy to work with.
Ahmed Umar
Umar Hammed
Business Developer
Charles Adetola, online copurse rating on Udemy

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Charles Adetola - money skill cmp

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