Planning An Online Conference, Zoom Or Google Meet?

Zoom or Google Meet

Last week, Shortly after I posted an article about Zoom, I started receiving a lot of feedback about alternatives and various online meeting platform experiences. 

One in particular, from Zainab Sanni, a Broadcast journalist et Compere. She recently hosted some events online using Zoom and Google Meet. Her experience caught my interest and I decided to share it with you. 

Zainab Sanni – Planning an online conference, Zoom or Google Meet?

The use of Zoom for virtual meetings, conferences, training et al skyrocketed following the lockdown in place across several countries. 

And it has now become a choice app for online events of any kind. Why and how it was preferred to Skype is a story for another day.

As expected, it did not take long for competitors to also push similar products in our faces and we now have other credible platforms like Messenger Rooms by the Facebook Team, Google Meets and Microsoft Teams to name a few. 

For work and personal meetings, you might be spoilt for choice but when it comes to conferences, seminars, and formal training, you might want to be more deliberate with your choice of application.

Most people I have spoken to use either Zoom or Google Meet.

I have compered events on both Zoom and Google Meet and here is my quick review:

The Similarities | Zoom and Google Meet

  • They both have the audio/video disable feature
  • They both allow screen sharing

The Differences | Zoom and Google Meet

  • Zoom chat features allow you to send private messages but with Google Meet you can only send to everyone. I don’t think this matters much because Zoom’s meeting transcripts still reveal private messages sent.
  • Zoom allows you to create a virtual backdrop (for aesthetics…lol)  but you can’t do that with Google Meet. 
  • Google Meet has an impressive text to speech feature which isn’t surprising anyway.
  • If you are using Zoom on a mobile device, you can minimize and continue to do other things but Google Meet ends the meeting once you minimize. (I am not sure if that is the case on Laptop).

PS: With Google Meet, I had minimal network issues and interruptions. This might not apply generally.

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