Poverty is too expensive

Poverty is too Expensive – I can’t afford it.

Poverty is too expensive – I can’t afford it.

Walahi, I don’t know another way to be rich than to get up and do something. Doing something is what makes us human. Remember the formula “MR. NIGER D” in elementary science. The formula summarizes the characteristics of living things (M – Movement, R – Respiration, N – Nutrition, I – Irritability, G – Growth, E – Excretion, R – Reproduction, D – Death). In all of these characteristics, there is constant motion, evolutionary trends translating to something better and better, including the last part which is Death. Consistent motion is the opposite of death, and death is kin to poverty.

The gory fact about physical death unlike mental death (poverty) is that there is still constant vibrations in the atomic level of all our body tissues, which makes access for decay and rotting of the flesh.

A wise man once said that the worst thing that can happen to any man is not death but what dies inside of him while he’s still alive. This forms the base of this article, and why I can’t afford poverty.

Although, Poverty is relative. The poverty I’m referring to here is lack of wealth, Lack of possibilities to exist comfortably without excess labor. The poverty I’m referring to is not a failure to achieve something, it’s a failure to want to achieve something. It’s the death of desire and the drive to want to become better. It is an abuse of the essence of living as a human. It is the rotting of motives leading to motionlessness, mental, spiritual and emotional stagnation and complacency.

This poverty is too expensive for any man to bear. It obviously means death while living.

How could any man afford to be dead while alive?
How come many people can afford it?

The wages of inaction is Poverty, the wages of poverty is death.

Success and achievement are the results of doing. Doing in terms of taking purposive actions to achieve a calculated objective. When a man loses this spark, poverty overtakes him and death stares into his existence.
The price for poverty is too expensive while I live, I’ll rather keep up with the motions and live while I’m alive.

We live our realities as our minds interpret. Poverty is a mentality I can’t afford to live with.

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