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5 MAD Skills You Must Learn Before Starting Your Business

5 MAd Skills You Must LEarn Before Starting Your Business

Without this skills, you’ll find yourself struggling with deadlines, unforeseen challenges, what to write and say to your target audience (customers, partners or investors) at the right time to get them to take the right actions, how to build a strong online presence and be found on the internet by people who are really looking for you, how to use social media to reach out to your ideal customers who don’t know you exist yet, and how to market yourself, pitch what you do and the potential of your business to potential partners and investors.

Embracing Change in a world where Incompetence accompany Change

Embracing change in a world where incompetence accompany change - Charles Adetola

The rules of business and entrepreneurship are not definite, entrepreneurs and business owners must understand that the most respected phenomenon in business is ‘change’. Unlike, sports where there are specific rules and structures to winning, business is dependent on a lot of factors, including the local environment, global economy, and most importantly human nature and capacity to deliver.

Use Zoom Meeting App to Enhance Productivity and Participating

Zoom Meeting App - Charles Adetola

Zoom has been the most turned to APP and the cornerstone of many successful and productive teams since the pandemic, it’s a tool that allows individuals to meet and work together productively “face-to-face” when meeting in-person isn’t possible.
With the Zoom application, many companies are able to…