Sales Prospecting and the Art of Conditioning Your Clients for Referrals

sales prospecting

Sales is the most important part of every business and prospecting is the first phase of every sales process.

The video highlights 4 prospecting activities:

  • Cold Calling
  • Granting Educational Seminars/Speaking Engagements
  • Attending Networking Events
  • Asking Your Clients for Referrals

The Saying that money grows on trees is very true… This video explains how money actually grows on referral trees and how to build your own money tree.

Other concepts explained in the video are:

… The 3-foot rule and what you should never do at a networking event.
… The Types of referrals and the ones you should always aim for.
… Relevance of having a prospecting schedule, especially for small teams, sole proprietorships, and small businesses.

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