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Start from the end - Charles adetola
Starting with a picture of what the consequences of your actions will be is the best way to anticipate and control your expectations. That's my point.

My Dad always told me to start buttoning my shirt from the bottom. At first, I felt like – why, why must I start from the bottom? Does he think I’m not smart enough to align the buttons with the right buttonhole if I start from the very top?

Even though I got it wrong most times, I still let myself Believe it’s normal to miss buttonholes and wherever you choose to start from – top or bottom isn’t a factor.

That was in my head as a child. Looking at it from a mature perspective and as a thought leader in my field, I saw that it’s very important to start from the bottom when buttoning your shirt, and also start developing every business/project from the end.




Just like starting from the bottom promise a better chance that you’ll get your buttons aligned right, starting with a picture of what the consequences of your actions will be is the best way to anticipate and control your expectations. That’s my point.

This is why the UN and EU will review your application, to see if you have a vision that you can execute right – if you know what the end of what you are starting will be like.
This is why investors sit at the high tables patiently listening to every detail, counting every word and investigating what your words are not saying, they pay attention – listening to see if you have the end figured out and believe in yourself to yield the expected outcome.

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Starting from the end means you have a vivid picture of what you want before starting at all.


There Are 2 Major Advantages Of Starting From The End.


1. Starting from the end keeps you focus

You are the captain of your ship, you know your destination, you know the storm might come anytime, you know the wind might determine your route, but in the end, you know where you’re going and you’ll get there regardless.
Every business owner and entrepreneur must be flexible and apt to respond to changes – the storm and the winds. This is why every business needs a business plan, a company locus, a mission statement, and an operation blueprint to guide and direct their efforts untill the main objective is achieved.
Without an idea of what the end will be, every effort is null of purpose and with lack of purpose comes displacement in business and life.

Starting with the end in mind keeps you focus on the final outcome.


2. Starting from the end lets people share in your vision.

This is a key lesson in leadership. Martin Luther King Jr. Didn’t stand in front of the people to tell them to let’s have the greatest revolutionary walk in the history of racism. Rather, he told them he had a dream, he shared his dream with the masses, he gave them the vision of what the end (the outcome) of whatever process he leads them into would be. He started from the end – a dream, a vision of what their efforts will yield.

Starting from the end helps to build a collective perspective and promote group harmony. It leverages on the dynamism of group members during the process to achieve a collective goal.

For instance, I’ve been in groups where I don’t agree with the ideologies of some members, but the fact that we all share a superordinate goal (the end) leads us to unison – bringing our difference in skills and ideologies together to achieve the end (because we all have a clear picture of what the end is).

Every great leader that ever existed didn’t start by telling people about what they want to do, they start by telling people what the “end” of their actions would be.

Starting with the expected outcome come (end) helps team players identify how to integrate with the processes involved in achieving a goal. 


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