Success is an Addiction – A Basket You Cannot Fill

I know Success is an Addiction and I’ve always had this notion that life is like a basket, and most often, my life experiences prove this metaphor to be valid. Some circumstances in life operate relative to the way a basket would; when the basket is full you need a larger basket if you want more of what you have in it, and the basket will not hold everything you put inside it especially if it’s too watery and has no solidity.

Let me explain this 2 phenomenon:

The Basket Will be Full – Your Life Must be Full of Something

It doesn’t matter what you actually put inside the basket, it will definitely get filled at some point in time. The key questions to ask yourself here is “what am I putting in my basket – my life, what sort of information occupiers my thoughts and minds, what am I made up of?” Many people spend their whole years of existence exploring these questions while some people figure it out early in life. Here the truth about that, people who are searching or asking themselves that question never really find the answers, but people who decide what the answer should be are the ones that define what their life is and what it’s made up – they decide what their basket is filled with.

After you must have identified what sort of contents fills your basket – your life. Then comes the second important phase.

The basket will get filled up, and once it does you’ll be needing a larger basket.

At some point in life you’ll feel you’ve gotten it – everything you wanted, you’ll feel you’ve achieved that which you want. This is the mentality that often breeds complacency, and yes! Most people get stuck in that phase, they never decide to opt for a larger basket and continue the process of filling it up with what matters most to their existence.

Consciously or unintentionally, we all get to that point where we’ve filled up our lives with something (something we want or don’t want). Our existence as humans is built upon growth and development, we must grow and we develop, this means change, evolution and revolution is inevitable, that also means we must accept the changes. Whether we like it or not, our lives will be filled with something and we must expand our capacity to receive more – and achieve more.

There was a time I was thinking about writing a book, starting a business, traveling to places I’ve only imagined. Now I did, and because success is addictive, the thirst for more is insatiable and I only need to expand my capacity to do more, I’ll always need to upgrade my basket, the old ones are full and I must do more. This will always be relatively true for everyone, including you. Think about it.

The Basket Will does not Hold Everything – all Your Dreams will not Become a Reality

Face it, we all want to live long, we all want to eat what we want whenever we want, and we all want to be treated with respect; We’ve all had dreams of becoming a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer, or a pastor while we were younger; we all want more freedom to work and play as we please. But that’s all ‘somethings’ – some dreams, goals, and ambitions will always be, “Wants”.  

Harold Lasswell, an economist, defined politics as who gets what, when, and how. If we take a curious look at life and that definition of politics, we’ll vividly see that politics exists even in our minds, there’s always a battle of which thought dominates your mind, when and how. That is why some religious-philosophers came up with the concept of having 2 voices in your head that of the good and that of evil. Hence, politics of the mind is what we call conscience, you have to weigh which part of your consciousness presents more convictions for what and how. This is how decisions are made.

Anyways, that is not all in your mind alone. In your environments, physical and mental affairs, there’s also politics. This is why all your ideas and wants cannot be viable, and not all viable once will grow and develop into reality. Some of your ‘wants’ in life will not hold much ground, some will have little or no conviction, and hence, too watery for the basket to hold it. So, it slips through the basket and it’s forgotten. It doesn’t become part of what you are made up of, it won’t make it to the list of what people will remember you for.

And sometimes it could be your fault, I’ll leave that explanation for another day.


Success is an addiction. You cannot be truly successful if you are not consistently increasing your capacity to achieve more, and you must learn to build concrete ideas and have passionate wants that can hold a solid stance in your mind till it becomes a reality.

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