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Top 11 Tech Skills in demand and sites you can learn them for free. 

Tech Skills

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Forbidden fruit of the 21st century - Charles Adetola

For our generation (the millennial and neo digital natives) this fruit is the Internet, we got a taste of it and a lot of our innate realities is surely dying but we’re enjoying it, we are exposed to a new reality, a new civilization, new cognition model, and new capabilities. But eventually, this becomes the default reality of existence just like the curse of Adam and Eve became the default reality of existence in the world.

Beware of SEO! It can kill your Business

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), the search engine algorithm is now programmed to work more on using user experience to rank contents on the search engine result page.
This means SEO and Brands that are customer-centric will eventually make it to the searchers’ favorite search engine result page (SERP), page 1.