Forbidden fruit of the 21st century - Charles Adetola


“But of the fruit in the middle of the garden, thou shall not eat thereof… for thou shall surely die” I wish there was a rule like that, one that you’ll enjoy breaking but surely die when you do. But of course there is, we just don’t want to see the outcome as death because the fruit in the middle of the garden is so attractive, sweet and juicy that we often delude ourselves to believe otherwise.


Forbidden fruit of the 21st century - Charles Adetola
Will the internet be the sweetest forbidden fruit in the garden of innovation?

Enough with the parables, Charles. Okay. The forbidden fruit of the 21st century I’m talking about here is the internet. Using the story of Adam and Eve as an Anecdote, eating the Apple (Fruit) practically opened their eyes to a new civilization and killed their ignorance (which was their innate reality of being at that point).

For our generation (the millennial and neo digital natives) this fruit is the Internet, we got a taste of it and a lot of our innate realities is surely dying but we’re enjoying it, we are exposed to a new reality, a new civilization, new cognition model, and new capabilities. But eventually, this becomes the default reality of existence just like the curse of Adam and Eve became the default reality of existence in the world.

The worse thing is not what death, it is what dies within us while we are still alive


What’s dying?

While we (the neo-digital natives) are enjoying all the sweet tasty benefits of the internet, our innate vitality of communication, Intimacy, and emotional connection seem to be failing. For instance, you wake up in the morning and say good morning to your neighbor and instantly he or she responds and can even tell from your countenance if your morning was indeed good. But when you have to text good morning (even with all the emojis and all) that connection can’t yield the same meaning and quality as the former.

Although, this won’t be a problem for the generations coming after us. This innate need for connectedness and bonding would have lost its relevance totally, substituted for other unknown values, or enhanced by #technology (AI) and revitalized to be more effective. Perhaps we will have technology that can make you feel what the sender of a text is feeling while he or she was composing the texts (and I’m not talking about the latest facial expression cues of Watson or NLP), maybe something more sophisticated than, and as accurate as of the human Instincts.

We have Saviors

Not all heroes wear cape. Honestly, trying to imagine a brand like #Nimble or #Crystal take a human body form (probably that of Christiana Ronaldo) and hop around the world screaming “Listen to me, you humans! I’m here to use technology to help you create that needed deep connection and bonding you need with your fellow humans”. Yeah, that would be something to look forward to.

Also, this need for empathy and bonding is why video is aggressively gaining more relevance on the internet. About 65% of humans are influenced by visuals, and up to half of the remaining percentage is influenced by what they hear. This makes videos a powerful tool that integrates auditory and visual data to stimulate feelings and emotional reactions.


1. Be human

Like the saying goes “what you live in doesn’t have to live in you”. We live in the world of I/O (1s and 0s binary language, on and off of devices). This doesn’t mean our existence and being as a human should be operating as if with a switch (Online or Offline). Either online or offline, our reflexes to connect and have deeper relationships with people should be constant.

2. Have a Digital Nervous System (for Brands and Businesses)

“A digital nervous system comprises the digital processes that closely link every aspect of a company’s thought and actions. Basic operations such as finance and production, plus feedback from customers, are electronically accessible to a company’s knowledge workers, who use digital tools to quickly adapt and respond. The immediate availability of accurate information changes strategic thinking from a separate stand-alone activity to an on-going process integrated with regular business activities”


3. Nimble

@Nimble  is The AI Powered CRM that builds relationships everywhere you work.  I think the brand came up with that name to expatiate on the need to take into account (Nimble on) every tiny bit of information, process it and paint the exact picture that resonates with the sender and receiver involved in a communication.

4. Crystal

I think the brand came up with that name to expatiate on the need to be crystal clear about the true intent of communication to get the right emotional response and bonding. With @CrystalKnowsMe you can Make Communication Healthier and More Productive.

5. Use Videos

Get a camera and record something. Use video chat as often as possible, seeing the expressions and gestures of people you’re communicating with makes the communication feel more real. I’m sure if we research into this we’ll discover video call sure makes you feel happier than just audio call.

There’s a question on my Mind though

Will the internet be the sweetest forbidden fruit in the garden of innovation?

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