The Digital Brand Marketing Approach

Imagine walking into a bar and seeing a beautiful lady that you’ll like to spend the rest of your life with.

Do you just walk up to her and say “Marry Me’?

Charles Adetola – Digital Brand Marketing Approach

That is exactly what a lot of Businesses do. They meet potential customers and tell them “Buy my product”… “Pay for my service”, and then feel bad when out of every 50 customers they try this gunpoint approach with only 1 person actually bought from them.

Digital Brand Marketing is about building and nurturing relationships with your target audience (Existing or potential clients). The approach requires identifying them, getting to know, and understanding why they are the perfect target for you value propositions, what their challenges are, and how they want you to help them. That is why we develop Buyer persona (Customer Avatar) to guide our marketing strategy.

Once you understand your target audience it becomes easier to build a relationship with them. Business is about people, and everybody wants to loved and understood. Understanding your target audience is the first step to building a strong relationship, it is the first step to Digital Brand Marketing.

Understand your customers, Build trust, and nurture the relationship such that beyond your product or service, they value your presence in their lives. This is the right approach to digital Brand marketing.
Brands like Apple, Google, and Rolex don’t just tell you to marry them instantly, they understand your reality and decide to offer you comfort, self-esteem, convenience, autonomy, and positive experience.

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