The Face of Digital Brand Marketing

The Face of Digital Brand Marketing consists of the Eyes (Search Engine Marketing & Social Media Marketing), the Nose (Websites & Landing Pages), the Ears, and the Mouth.

Identify the Face of Your Brand

With this video, you should be able to identify the connection between available platforms for digital marketing and how to strategically utilize these platforms to achieve your promotion and sales objective.

The Eyes

Left Eye: Search Engine Marketing (Google)
Helps you direct people that are looking for you to your online platforms/showroom.

Right Eye: Social Media Marketing (Facebook/IG/Twitter…)
Helps you build rapport and bonding with your target audience.

The Nose

Your Website and Landing Pages:
Gives you the air and space you need to showcase your brand on the internet. it’s your own personal address, more like a showroom where you display your value propositions.

The Mouth

Word of Mouth: Nothing beats word of mouth when it comes to the marketing and promotion of your brand.

The Ears

Left Ear (Connected to Search Engine Marketing): Search Listing and Google my Business…

Right Ear (Connected to Social Media Marketing): Facebook, Instagram, Linkedin, Twitter…

And it’s connected to the eyes for a reason – Guess what it is and drop your comments.

In conclusion

One thing is common to all the components of the face of digital brand marketing, its called Content!
That’s why the phrase that content is king will always be valid in the digital marketing space.

Have a Great Day,

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