The Ugly Truth about Facebook Ads

The Ugly Truth About Facebook Ads

I know Facebook Ads can be frustrating sometimes, especially when you’re not getting the results you want. 

That’s why I want to share some raw tips with you (No digital marketer will tell you this).

The Ugly Truth about Facebook Ads: You won’t always get it right the first time, and that Okay.

A lot of people try Facebook ads once and conclude that it doesn’t work, that’s True. It doesn’t always work right the first time. 

You can get better results by trying my recommendations here:

1. Test

I suggest you set a daily test budget of $5 to see how your ads are converting, then check daily to optimize and tweak it till you have the type of ads performance you prefer. 

You can also consider using multiple Facebook Ads set and targeting options to relate with a different and specific audience and discover who is really interested in what you’re doing. 

2. Track

You cant measure results effectively if you’re not tracking. One of the best ways to track your Facebook Ads’ performance is to use the Facebook pixel.

If your website doesn’t yet have a Facebook pixel installed then you are also missing out on one of the best re-marketing tools in the digital marketing world.

The Facebook pixel is a unique piece of code that sits on your website to collect information from your website visitors.  

Anytime someone lands on your site while logged into Facebook they are giving your pixel valuable data to use in your ad campaigns.

3. Story Placement is optional

Like I mentioned in my free ebook, “How to eat facebook Ads for Dinner”. You don’t have to flow with the default options that Facebook presents, sometimes it’s a trap, avoid it. 

Not everyone on Facebook checks their stories, statistics have it that only 18% of Facebook users check their stories daily, so, why waste ads budget on placing ads that there’s less probability of people seeing. 

Of course, there are instances where stories are great, I use them myself for specific ads. 

Conclusion about Facebook Ads

Facebook Ads are tricky to get right, there are so many factors that can affect them. But when you get it right, Facebook ads can be the most laser-targeted and effective way of reaching your ideal customers and making more sales. 

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