The Vicious Cycle of Small Business

Charles adetola
Time Consciousness for Small business owners who would like to grow their business, by utilizing the power of #LEVERAGE

Yes, time IS a very real issue for small business owners who would like to grow their business, which is why business owners need to stop trying to do everything themselves and start utilizing the power of LEVERAGE

I Don’t Have Time! 🚥

“I don’t have time” must be one of the most commonly used phrases of today. We live in a rapidly changing world we’re our lives move at a frenetic pace On greeting a friend or 

acquaintance you can guarantee that either one of you or both of you will discuss how “busy” you’ve been. “Busy” seems to describe our lifestyles in just one word. So it’s no wonder that when thinking about growing a business the majority of SME business owners say they just don’t have time.

With very few exceptions SME business owners work IN their business each and every day. So to ask them to take time away from their business to work ON growing their business presents a challenge in itself. If they are fortunate enough to have well trained staff who they can rely on to competently operate their business while their focus is channeled elsewhere then they 

should consider themselves fortunate.

We are NOT created equally and we do not have the same skill sets. Some of us are born better looking than others, some have natural sporting abilities, others have high IQ’s and others are born with a ‘silver spoon in their mouths’.

The ONLY resource we are ALL given in equal amounts is TIME. We each have 24 hours everyday, 7 days a week, 52 weeks of the year. So it is HOW we use this time that fundamentally determines the outcomes of our lives. 

What do you have time for?

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