Thinking About Flexible and Remote Work

Earlier this January, I was discussing with a potential employer about how I’m going to implement a Remote working system and let the team I’ll be leading work from home and only report to the office twice a week.

He said, “Charles, this remote thing can’t work in Nigeria, you know our people are lazy, they need tough monitoring”.

That instant, I learned 2 things that made me decide NOT to work with the company.

1. There’s an error in the company’s Ideology of work.

2. Empathy is lacking in the company, it’s simply a corporate prison.

The employer doesn’t have a clear understanding of operation and performance excellence, #effectiveness, efficiency, and economy of #productivity (let’s call it the OPE and 3Es of Business).

In Business, #Work is not achieved by the number of hours put into it. Work is not measured by the duration of input, it’s measured by the quality of input relative to an expected output.
So, the success of a #business is not determined by the number of hours the employee spends at the office, but by the quality of work done by the #employee.

And we must consider the fact that every employee (like every one of us) has his/her peak phase of productivity, some people perform best in the morning, some at noon and some when it’s dead late at night.
Also, some #people have certain periods when they perform best at some specific tasks.

Hence, a true company should consider this factor and focus more on the #delivery of the employees irrespective of the location rather than the hours spent in the office.

This came to mind as I was considering how the #Lagos State Shutdown (due to #Covid19) will affect companies that refused to abduct flexible and remote working systems.

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