Unusual Letter to Digital Marketers – Part 1

Unusual letter to digital marketers
NOTE: This article is strictly for Digital Marketers, Brand and Social Media Managers, Website Owners, and Business Leaders.

NOTE: This article is strictly for Digital Marketers, Brand and Social Media Managers, Website Owners, and Business Leaders.

The Introductory Story You Don’t Need  
I promised my 11 years old baby brother that we were going to make a table with plastic bottles. On that faithful morning, just before we began our plastic table engineering project, I sat him down and was trying to explain how matter can neither be destroyed nor created and how energy can always be transformed from one form to another. I was in my whimsy, the professor part of me went into the details. 
Suddenly, he raised his hand and asked: “What exactly is your point?”. 
I composed myself and told him, nothing in life is meant to be a waste, I explained the implications of littering the compound with plastic bottles and the concept of reuse and recycling.

So, in that spirit of not wasting time on some profound introductions, I’ll jump straight to the 3 powerful nuggets I have for digital marketers today; 3 simple tips and Tricks horned by research in marketing psychology and digital communications. 

Let’s get straight to the points

  1. Surprise the Brain with Hippocampal Headlines
  2. Adopt a Generation Based Segmentation
  3. Use out of the box ads Visuals

Digital Marketers must learn to Surprise the Brain with Hippocampal Headlines

Sample Image for Digital Marketers
Sample Headline for Digital Marketers

You can make your campaign much more effective by surprising the brain – doing the unusual. 

Hippocampal Headlines?

The hippocampus is the center of the brain involved in identifying and storing patterns for comparison and prediction. It will always react when there is no congruence between what is expected and what actually happens. Using hippocampal headlines is an effective way to jolt the brain, pique the interest of your audience, and compel them to read and engage with your ads or contents.

Imagine if you read “Letter to Digital Marketers” as the title of this article, will it pique your interest as much as “Unusual Letter to Digital Marketers”? The addition of the Word “Unusual” intensifies your curiosity and willingness to engage. That’s how much a word could reinforce the effect of your headlines and arouse the hippocampus. 

Also, headlines like this are unique and get better search rankings.

As a Digital Marketer, You Should Adopt a Generation Based Segmentation

Sample Image for Digital Marketers
Generational Segmentation Concept for Digital Marketers

Which portion of the population is most open to your brand advertising and marketing efforts?

You understand that the usual segmentation is performed according to demographics (Age, Location…) and/or psychographics (Interests, Intents…). The unusual way, which I’m advising you to adopt is based on cognitive difference, a blend of psychographics and demographics into one simple profile. 

The world of consumers today doesn’t make decisions based on whether they are old enough or young enough, they make decisions based on how they think – cognitive process, a result of experience and environment. 

It is a well-known fact that the era which you were born into determines your experience, reality and the nature of the environment you’ll interact with. Segmenting your target based on generation X, Y or Z for instance. 

There are certain patterns in the way each of these generations thinks and functions. Adequate research of your market (product/service) and the generation type(s) it appeals to most will help you position your ads and predict outcomes better.

Use out of the box ads Visuals to Drive Your Marketing

Sample Image for Digital Marketers
Sample Out of the Box Design for Digital Marketers

Ads Visuals? I mean Images and Videos – All Designs involved in your Ads project. 

The idea of thinking outside the box when it comes to the visuals involved in your ads campaign is very important. 66% of the information we perceive and process as humans is visual, and what we see most often influences our thoughts and actions

The color psychology must be right for the brand and the intent of the ads, the shapes must resonate with the brand’s approach, and the fonts must communicate the brands’ tone of voice

If you’re a digital marketer and you don’t have a good knowledge of design, color, fonts, shapes, and how all this influences the intents and objectives of your ads, we need to see in camera. 

Using Ads Visual that is out of the box doesn’t mean you have to come up with complex designs, in fact, it means you have to create simple designs that are just right enough to attract attention and communicate a message without words.

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