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What I wanted as A Child and WHY BUSINESSES FAIL

I remember sometimes in 2003, I had a conversation that was more like a deal with my best friend. He wanted to be an engineer and I wanted to be a doctor. We agreed he was going to build all my houses and I’ll be his family doctor.
Guess what, He’s been engineering a lot of things but not a building, and I’ve been on many calls but not as a Medical Doctor (except in some special cases, that’s a story for another day).

It’s funny how we evolve through life, how soon our interest, drive, and desire changes with time, how the conception of our environment and perceptions of ‘what is’ changes as time nurtures our mind.

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The 5 Insane Ideas of November

5 Insane Ideas of November

Hi Cliq,

This is a confession for me and a Challenge for you. I hardly get enough sleep sometimes, every waking day is a new canvas that must be filled with innovative ideas, some of these ideas I simply pen down for future implementation while I discard some overtime, but this 5 insane ideas won’t just stay in my books; they want to see the light of reality. Maybe the ideas are not that insane, perhaps they are terribly insane, or maybe I’m the one insane over a perfectly sane idea, you’ll be the judge of that after reading this article.


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Poverty is too expensive

Poverty is too expensive – I can’t afford it.

Poverty is too expensive – I can’t afford it.

Walahi, I don’t know another way to be rich than to get up and do something. Doing something is what makes us human. Remember the formula “MR. NIGER D” in elementary science. The formula summarizes the characteristics of living things (M – Movement, R – Respiration, N – Nutrition, I – Irritability, G – Growth, E – Excretion, R – Reproduction, D – Death). In all of these characteristics, there is constant motion, evolutionary trends translating to something better and better, including the last part which is Death. Consistent motion is the opposite of death, and death is kin to poverty.

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Your Brand is What People say behind you


A Cliq Discussion about Branding (brand) and Mondays

I’ve always believed Mondays is the perfect day for me to rest because that’s the day most people are busy. It’s a day to step back and look at the week with a clearer scope. But on this very Monday, I planned to hangout with a friend (me making attempt to be social). I had a low battery, could have figured how to turn on the generator and just see a movie or something. it turned out even more interesting than I thought.

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