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A Fearless Message to The Youths

We are the Youths
Awaken, Aware, and Thirsty for Change
We are the pride of our generation
We roar for Justice
We stand tall, challenging our fears and fighting for our Rights
We are the government
We are the Power

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Search Engine Marketing or Social Media Marketing?

With Search Engine Marketing you can reach out to customers that are actively looking for what you offer.
With Social Media Marketing, you are targeting a customer segment that you already know will be interested in your offers, ever though they aren’t searching.

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The Ugly Truth about Facebook Ads

The Ugly Truth About Facebook Ads

I know Facebook Ads can be frustrating sometimes, especially when you’re not getting the results you want.
That’s why I want to share some raw tips with you (No digital marketer will tell you this).

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Social Media Security

My Top 10 Recommendations for Social Media Security

The above recommendations allow social media hacking to constantly be on the check, sanctions, and correctional measures can be executed immediately before the symptoms become obvious and detrimental – before any citizen gets hurt or scammed.

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