Your Brand is What People say behind you


A Cliq Discussion about Branding (brand) and Mondays

I’ve always believed Mondays is the perfect day for me to rest because that’s the day most people are busy. It’s a day to step back and look at the week with a clearer scope. But on this very Monday, I planned to hangout with a friend (me making attempt to be social). I had a low battery, could have figured how to turn on the generator and just see a movie or something. it turned out even more interesting than I thought.

I was having coffee in my bathroom when her call came in. She was carried away with her conversation with someone when I picked. What I heard made me changed my mind instantly.

Have you ever loved to hear what people are saying about you?




There’s something about branding that we’ve all heard too many times, that your brand is not your logo or your product, it is a feeling. but there’s something we don’t hear about because many people don’t ask, the question of what does a brand feels like. A brand is a feeling, a feeling you’re addicted to, a feeling that satisfies a psychological need in your life. What does it feel like to use Apple or Alienware, surface studio or Chromebook for your graphic design? What does it feel like to use a Rolex and drive a Benz instead of a rado, diesel, citizen, kors or police, and a Toyota that’s barely in good shape? Think of what products you prefer to have any time, think of the feelings you get from having them, that’s the brand – that feeling.

So, what’s your brand?

What feeling is your brand? when people purchase a product or service from you, what feeling do they get? what pleasurable feeling do they get from connecting with you, and willing to pay for?

What your customers say about you is because of how they feel about you. The heart is for feeling, brands are built in the heart of consumers, and from the abundance of the heart, the mouth shall always speak.

Stay Conscience of the feelings you associate with your brand.

I know you are interested in what I heard that changed my mind.
I’ll tell you when we meet.

See you soon,

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